Eincredibly girl with thick hair knows the battles that come via it: damaged brushes, shed bobby pins, humidity frizz, not to point out the triangle effect. Don’t worry—we’ve all tried to go short and endured the aftermath. So, we consulted Loxa Beauty hairstylist Teddi Bickers and compiled a bunch of hairstyles for thick hair to acquire you a look that’s both controllable and also fabulous.

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Jennifer Aniston


Like Britton, Julia Roberts wears her hair long and layered. But, in addition to layering her longer tresses, Roberts ligh10s them. This keeps the entirety look from showing up as well heavy and also dragging down the form of her face.

Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss keeps her thick bob from overwhelming her confront with numerous blended layers and also light, sweeping bangs. We love that she tucked it behind one ear to pump up the volume in the back and at the side.

Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bünchen’s haircut is one nlinux.org perfect instance of blfinished layers. It’s styled in a consistent wave yet is still layered in between her collarbone and also a few inches from the end to prevent it from looking also thick at the bottom.

Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo’s iconic curls play to the thickness of her hair, giving her some major volume. But notification that she left the ends of this style relatively directly to prevent the curls from producing the dreaded triangle form.

Carrie Underwood

Although Carrie Underhardwood tends to depend on her lengthy hair, it isn’t the only option for thick-haired ladies. “If a client is trying to cut dvery own on blow-dry or styling time, I like to suggest a collarbone-size haircut via much longer, textured layers,” Bickers says. “This is a great cut for thick and also curly hair also.”

Eva Mendes

To proccasion thick hair from looking heavy and also stationary, Bickers says “utilizing a blow-dry serum when the hair is wet, particularly a product that says ‘weightmuch less.’ This will certainly smooth the ends and also occasionally speed up your blow-dry time while protecting the ends from warmth.”

Nicole Scherzinger

Talk around thick hair! Nicole Scherzinger accentuates the thickness of her hair by sweeping it to one side right into a single waterfevery one of curls a lot as Blake Lively does in this glamorous style. Notice that Scherzinger’s hair is still thinner at the incredibly bottom than it is in the middle.


Adele is recognized for wearing her hair—and her lashes—voluminously, but through thick hair it have the right to be tricky. Bickers recommends her clients “avoid one-length haircuts. It creates a triangle effect and also looks bottom-heavy, which isn’t free on anyone!”

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher’s lengthy, directly hair works because of the layers. “I always imply layers for clients via thick hair,” Bickers says. “Longer, seamless layers occupational ideal.” Her hair frames her cheekbones and tapers off toward the bottom to stop the bottom-heavy look.

Ashley Greene

With thick hair, Bickers alerts, “be careful with brief haircuts, choose a bob. Sometimes clients think that short hair is much easier however then absence versatility with styling, choose no longer being able to execute ponytails.” Ashley Greene’s cut, but, is long sufficient to permit for some styling flexibility, and also the layers give it excellent form and also motion.

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Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough keeps her bob from looking too heavy through long layers and sweeping bangs. She likewise flips the hair at the bottom out slightly to add texture.

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