In your endure, what is the ideal means to escape from a standing full nelboy used by a much more powerful and also bigger opponent? I had actually commonly provided this escape, but I'm not to encouraged that it will work-related even against enemy that are much bigger (store in my mind that I'm about 5'6 for 130 lbs):

Also, exactly how do you escape if someone is holding you through a sort of double overhook organize from behind (not in a classical bear hug, I suppose with his arms going over you arms, under your shoulder and also then connecting his hands behind your back), always assuming that you are at a huge strenght and size disadvantage?


A standing complete nelson? Reach right into the air as high as you deserve to via both arms and drop onto your butt. If they're still stupidly hanging on, execute a seated switch or limparm out and also switch to the various other side.

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Double overhook from behind? If you're in this position, you fucked up SO lengthy back that it boggles the mind. In any type of instance where this can actually take place, you need to be able to limp-arm out and rotate right into them for an armdrag.

"Also, exactly how perform you escape if someone is holding you with a type of double overhook organize from behind (not in a classic bear hug, I intend through his arms going over you arms, under your shoulder and also then connecting his hands behind your back)"

How is this happening to you and who is doing that?

It is has never before occurred to me (and I hope that it will never before happen bereason it would certainly probably expect that I somehow finished up in a fight through even more than one perchild )but I would certainly prefer to recognize how to escape neverthemuch less. Some times earlier I tried it via some friends of mine and also we can not figure out a trusted escape if outsized by a lot.

Bobby is simply as massive and also strong however his technique is flawmuch less.

Best standing complete Nelboy escape I've watched is via Mr. Dean Lister. Placed your hands in an S-grip and location the earlier of among your hands against your forehead. Then, relocate your elbows forward and at the same time relocate your head backwards. This will certainly break their grip on your neck. It's simply a slight movement yet I've watched it occupational on solid dudes easily.

Your arms are pretty much out of the equation, so you've obtained... legs. You carry out somepoint through your legs... and probably your body, also.

You're welcome. Glad I might aid.

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