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A Heart Scale is an item that the player can usage to make their Pokemon remember forgained moves. A Heart Scale deserve to be mostly taken from Luvdisc.

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Finding and also Collecting Heart Scales

A Heart Scale is an item that the player can usage to make their Pokemon remember forobtained moves. Heart Scales come from the Pokemon Luvdisc which has actually a 50% possibility of transporting one, in the Hano Beach, in the Vast Poni Canyon that is sometimes dropped by ambush encounters from Pokemon,  Fishing Spots in Routes 7,8 and 9, Paniola Town, Brooklet Hill and the Akala Outskirts, the restaurants of Konikoni City and Seapeople Village, the Sushi High Roller in Malie City, the Haunted Houses of the Festival Plaza and also the Ability, Pickup.

Useful Abilities

Pokemon through the Ability Compound Eyes have the right to be provided to rise the chance that the Pokemon you encounter has a organized item.Pokemon with the Move Thief deserve to be then offered to steal the Pokemon’s host item. Thief likewise inflicts damages on the targeted Pokemon.

Setting Your Heart Scale-Collecting Pokemon Team

Use your Pokemon with the Ability Compound Eyes to rise the opportunity of the Pokemon you enrespond to having actually a hosted item. In this instance, Luvdisc.Upon making use of the Pokemon with the Ability Compound Eyesuse the Pokemon via the Ability Frisk to check if Luvdisc has actually a Heart Scale.

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After confirming if Luvdisc has actually a Heart Scale, usage your Pokemon via the Move Thief to gain the Heart Scale from Luvdisc.

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