Thursday is the night that we"ve all been waiting for... How To Get Amethod With Murder is back from the Seachild 1 winter hiatus, and also you have the right to bet that tbelow will be no smooth shift back into the chaos that is interning for Annalise Keating. The drama that went dvery own in the first fifty percent of the season was only the start — seriously, that was simply setting us up for wbelow we are now — so we are going to need a little aid for the second half of the seachild if we want to make it out alive (it"s favor, via this display that"s not even a joke). Hence, my latest masterpiece: The HTGAWM drinking game.

Given that this show is hella dramatic — in an excellent method — and also is arguably the pièce de résistance of #TGIT on ABC, it might be a great concept for us to liquor approximately take it all in. Plus, if you"ve been drinking, the thought that all the illegal drams that goes dvery own on HTGAWM might actually be happening in real life will clear up a little much better... or worse... Let"s find out shall we?!

Supplies You"ll Need:

Bottle of vodka (because, refills)A shot glass

Play your cards ideal and also you deserve to finish up just prefer these drunk editors, trying to remember Seaboy 1:

Wes looks approximately confused as hell.Someone says "murder."A flashago of Sam"s murder occurs.The mood lighting is also dark to even make out what"s happening on screen.Annalise writes ferociously on the chalkboard.Bonnie and Asher gain display time (#Basher forever).A presently dead perkid (Sam and Lila) is on the display.Tright here is a dramatic reduced to commercial.You wonder what those scratch marks are on Wes" wall.You say or think, "Viola Davis is awesome."

Take a Gulp If...

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Connor smirks or does something sexy (girl, do not I know).Annalise yells at someone.Someone threa10s to "go to the police."Asher does a dance or claims something ridiculous (also though you love it).Wes is referred to as "Waitlist."Annalise intimidates you with the display screen.Tbelow is a bonfire flashearlier (double if they show the cheerleader"s flying stunt).

Finish Your Drink If...

You are pleasantly perplexed by the plot (bereason I love this present, however I have no clue what the hell is going on fifty percent the time).Annalise or an employee/student does somepoint unhonest.The students do not sit together in course (seriously, they"re favor each other"s only "friends," why don"t they sit together?).The name "bitch baby" is sassist.You think you"ve ultimately figured out that killed Lila.

Take a Shot If...

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You realize you were dead wrong about who eliminated Lila (no pun intended).The finish of the episode has you prefer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.Annalise smiles.

Images: Mitchell Hasseth/ABC; Giphy (3); GetAwayWithGifs/Tumblr