These symbols have actually been abused and also desecrated not only by those that hate The South, yet progressively by well-definition Southerners. This Code of Confedeprice Flag Etiquette is designed as a overview for those that respect The South. If Southerners will not respect the Confedeprice flag, then just how deserve to we suppose others to respect it?

It is our hope that this Code of Confederate Flag Etiquette will certainly be embraced by Southern organizations and also individuals as a guide to respecting and also honoring the symbols of our beloved South and those that sacrificed and also died to safeguard her.

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The Code of Confedeprice Flag Etiquette was adopted by the Military Order of The Stars and also Bars in July 2011. If you would favor to include your company to a list of those that formally take on this Code as the recognized conventional for the usage of the Confedeprice flag, please usage the Contact Us develop for details. Adchoice of this Code does not, in any type of means, indicate agreement or endorsement of anypoint else on this internet site.

PREAMBLEThe flag and other icons of the Confedeprice States of America represent the dreams of a Southern country for which our ancestors sacrificed their lives and their fortunes, and for the high and also noble requirements that we need to as soon as aget strive for. The flags and other signs of the Confedeprice States of America should be treated via the highest possible respect and never before supplied or modified in a manner that diminishes the picture of a great and also noble South. Use of the Confedeprice flag need to be held to the exact same high criteria as any kind of various other nationwide flag.

DEFINITIONSThe Flag is identified as any type of of the flags supplied by the Confedeprice States of America. This includes:a. First National or Stars and also Barsb. Second National or Stainless Bannerc. Third Nationald. Bonnie Blue Flage. Confedeprice Battle Flagf. Confedeprice Naval Jackg. Any object which the average perchild seeing the very same without deliberation may think the very same to recurrent the flag, colors, standard, or ensign of the Confedeprice States of America.

MODIFICATIONS AND USE OF THE FLAGThe flag should never before be modified in any method. It should be presented as initially designed without modification.The fundamental flag style may be integrated right into the logo design of an organization only if it is done in such a manner as to organize the Confedeprice States of America in the highest possible respect.The flag, or style elements of the flag, need to never before be used to associate The South or the Confedeprice States of America via any various other political or social agenda.

Instances of ACCEPTABLE incorporation into a design are:a. Sons of Confederate Veterans logob. United Daughters of The Confederacy logoc. State flags

Examples of UNACCEPTABLE incorporation into a style are:a. Imperiods of the Confederate flag, or architecture aspects of the flag, combined through images of skulls, motorcycles, or various other objects that detract from the honor and respect due the flag.

Instances of UNACCEPTABLE usage of the flag:a. The Confederate flag with imperiods of skulls, motorcycles, or any other object.b. The Confedeprice flag integrated into any write-up of clothes. An exemption to this is neck ties and lapel pins that have traditionally been used to respectfully display screen patriotic icons.

Instances of ACCEPTABLE usage of the flag image:a. Bunting or equivalent material provided for patriotic decoration which has style aspects of the Confedeprice flag, or imperiods of the flag such that it is plainly not being used as a flag. Instances would be the flag: illustrated furled, on a staff, carried in fight, in a memorial arrangement.

DISPLAY OF THE FLAGNo disrespect need to be displayed to the flag of the Confedeprice States of America; the flag need to not be dipped to any person or thing.(a) The flag must never before be presented via the field dvery own, other than as a signal of dire dianxiety in instances of too much danger to life or residential property.(b) The flag must never touch anypoint beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise.(c) The flag should never be carried flat or horizontally, yet always aloft and complimentary.(d) The flag have to never before be offered as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery. It need to never before be festooned, attracted earlier, nor up, in folds, yet constantly permitted to autumn cost-free.(e) The flag must never before be fastened, presented, used, or stored in such a manner as to permit it to be quickly torn, soiled, or damaged in any means.(f) The flag should never be used as a covering for a ceiling.(g) The flag should never before have actually put upon it, nor on any kind of part of it, nor attached to it any note, insignia, letter, word, number, design, picture, or illustration of any kind of nature. An exemption to this is unit markings on the flag as soon as supplied by historical re-enactors.(h) The flag should never before be supplied as a receptacle for receiving, holding, delivering, or moving anything.(i) The flag have to never be provided for advertising objectives in any manner whatsoever. It must not be embroidered on such write-ups as cushions or handkerchiefs and the favor, printed or otherwise impressed on paper napkins or boxes or anypoint that is designed for momentary use and discard. Advertising signs have to not be fastened to a staff or halyard from which the flag is flvery own.(j) No part of the flag must ever before be provided as a costume or athletic uniform. However, a flag patch might be afresolved to the unidevelop of army personnel, firemen, policemales, and members of patriotic institutions. The flag represents a living country and is itself taken into consideration a living thing. Therefore, the lapel flag pin being a replica, need to be worn on the left lapel close to the heart.(k) The flag, once it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, need to be damaged in a dignified means, preferably by burning.

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FOLDING THE FLAGTo fold the flag, two persons confront each other and host the flag waist high and also horizontally in between them. They fold the reduced fifty percent of the flag lengthwise over the upper half; then fold it aget in the very same manner. The perchild holding the fly end folds the lower best corner to the upper edge to develop a triangle, folds the external suggest inward to create a second triangle, and proceeds to fold the flag in triangles until the entire size of the flag is folded, ending via the hoist finish to the outside.

OCCASIONS FOR DISPLAY(a) Display on buildings and also stationary flagstaffs in open up.Night display: It is the global practice to display the flag only from sunincrease to suncollection on buildings and also on stationary flagstaffs in the open up. However, as soon as a patriotic result is preferred, the flag may be presented twenty-four hrs a day. It is desired that the flag be appropriately illuminated in the time of the hrs of darkness.(b) Manner of hoistingThe flag should be hoisted briskly and also lowered ceremoniously.(c) Inclement weatherThe flag need to not be presented on days as soon as the weather is inclement, other than when an all weather flag is displayed.(d) Particular days of displayThe flag need to be displayed on all days, especially on:January 19 – Robert E. Lee Birthday – Confedeprice Heroes Day (TX)January 21 – Thomas “Stonewall” Jackkid BirthdayFebruary 22 – Confedeprice Independence Day (Establishing of the C.S.A. / Jefferboy Davis inaugurated)March 4 – Confedeprice Flag DayMarch 27 – Confederate Day of Prayer, designated by President Jefferkid Davis in 1863 as a day of “fasting, humiliation, and also prayer” in the Confederate StatesApril 26 – Confederate Memorial Day (AL, FL, GA, MS)May 10 – Confederate Memorial Day (NC, SC); “Stonewall” Jackson diedMay 30 – Confederate Memorial Day (VA)June 3 – Confedeprice Memorial Day (KY, LA, TN); Jefferson Davis BirthdayOctober 12 – Robert E. Lee diedDecember 6 – Jefferboy Davis died

Notes and References

1. The Code of Confederate Flag Etiquette was compiled by Stephen Clay McGehee (nlinux.org) in April 2008 and was adopted by the Military Order of The Stars and Bars in July 2011.2. This document is intended to be worldwide in scope; the display of the Confedeprice flag in conjunction via the flag of a sovereign state is not addressed.3. This document is based upon the following:a. UNITED STATES CODE, TITLE 36, CHAPTER 10b. UNITED STATES CODE, TITLE 18, CHAPTER 33c. UNITED STATES CODE, TITLE 4, CHAPTER 1d. Florida Statutes 256.10 and 256.051e. UDC Flag Code (http://www.hqudc.org/ info/flag_code.pdf)