I tried to use a brand new deodorant, and turns out it"s stuck: it"s just not possible to turn the wheel in the bottom of the deodorant in order to push it upwards. The wheel is jammed completely and does not turn at all.

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This is how it looks like:


The wheel/circle in the bottom is stuck, and can"t be turned.

Is there any way to use the deodorant anyway? Would be pity to throw it away.


If the stick is stuck to the sides of the container, you could try one or more of these to free it:

Remove the cap and tap the stick against a hard surface.

Submerge the whole stick (with cap on) in warm water to soften the plastic, and then either

... try the wheel again, or

... flex the tube to try and break the adhesion.


It looks like the container is made out of plastic, so it can be cut easily.

The following hacks may work.

Cut the container and fill the gel in an empty cream or petroleum jelly box, something like this.


So you can use your fingers and apply in armpits just like we take cream out of such box.

Or cut the container and fill the contents into empty glue sticks or lipstick boxes.


But this may require using more number of such glue sticks/lipsticks or store the entire contents in another container and refill them more frequently.

This method would be time consuming, you can apply the deodorant on a smaller area but still it may work.

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answered Jan 12 at 13:33

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If the wheel is really stuck, and if you did not use the stick yet (at all), the best hack is to take it back at the shop and have it replaced. You might still get a replacement even if the stick is slightly used.

At the same time, learn the lesson to test the products you buy, before the actual purchase - or at least immediately after (depending on the specifics).

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answered Feb 7 at 22:37

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