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June 12, 2016


If you own a Samsung Galaxy S7, you might want to understand howto acquire the Galaxy S7 to produce widgets on the home display screen of your smartphone. This will certainly additionally allow you tomove icons, create folders or adjustwidgets on the Galaxy S7 to make the phone more personable.

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There are several various means to create widgetkid the Galaxy S7 to organize various widgets. Below we’lldefine exactly how to produce folders, relocate widgets and also symbols on theGalaxy S7.

How to createwidgets on the Galaxy S7:

Turn on the Galaxy S7.Press and also hold dvery own on the wallpaper of the Home display screen.Select Widgets on the edit screen.Select on any other widget widobtain to add it.After the widgain has actually been added, you deserve to push and also organize on it inorder to customize its settings or remove it.

How to produce a new folder on the Galaxy S7:

Turn on the Galaxy S7.Press and organize on an application on the Home screen.Move the application to the top of the display screen and also move it to the New Folder option.Change the name of the New Folder to anypoint you wantSelect Done on the key-board.Move other apps that you want to be component of this folder byadhering to procedures 1-5.

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How to move and rearselection symbols on the Galaxy S7:

Turn on the Galaxy S7.Browse for the app that you desire to move on the Home display.Press and also hold on the app and then move the application to any type of area you want.Let go of the app at to collection it at its brand-new location

Those quick measures have to permit you to to move and change differenticons on the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. You can use these stepsto likewise include apps to the Home display screens from the App Drawer.