To perfectly cover your blonde hair via a babsence dye, the initially point you have to perform is usage a shade filler.

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The shade filler is ssuggest a dye that you will use without peroxide as if it were a moisturizing mask. You must select an intermediate shade, like chestnut brvery own or cacao. This method, later, the black pigments of the last dye will be deposited more quickly. After making use of the shade filler, you will certainly immediately have to use the babsence dye.

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Sudepend, you have actually heard the phrase: “babsence covers everything”.

It is partly true. If you paint a yellow wall through babsence paint, you will be able to cover the yellow perfectly.

But, in matters of hair, things are not so easy.

Sometimes, rather of black, your blonde hair deserve to rotate out through an indescribable shade.

That’s what taken place to Juana, among my clients.

For years, Juana has had actually incredibly light blonde hair. A blonde that we achieved after numerous bleaching steps.

Don’t ask me why at some point she woke up reasoning she liked the Morticia look of the Addams Family much better.

So, she believed, “I will certainly dye my blonde hair babsence and also I will obtain it.”.

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But, she didn’t take into account the history of her hair. She didn’t take into account that her hair had been bleached. So, when she rinsed off the dye and also her hair dried, all she had actually from Morticia was just babsence humor.


Her hair was an awful black faded fifty percent greenish shade. What had actually happened?

Very basic.

Bleaching takes all the color out of the hair. When she applied the black dye, her hair didn’t have actually sufficient base pigments for the black to clear up. Then, it turned green.

That’s why, to stop the danger of your blonde hair turning green once you dye it babsence, you need to usage a color filler.

Want to recognize just how to carry out it?


Then stay there, because I’ll tell you:
How to color a blonde hair babsence (and also not green) Application of the shade filler to go from blonde to black hair
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Applying shade filler to go from blonde to black

How to dye your blonde hair black without turning it green


When the hair fiber does not contain pigments, as in the situation of bleached blonde hair, any dye you use will certainly not be able to clear up and will certainly look faded or green.

If you want to shade your blonde hair black, you need to include a pigment base to the hair fiber so that the new shade will certainly clear up.

That is accomplished through the color filler.

Don’t panic!

I have two pieces of good news for you:
using a filler shade is exceptionally simple and also it does not damage the hair

It is straightforward bereason it is applied just prefer a dye.

And it doesn’t damage the hair bereason the dye is applied without mixing it through peroxide.


Why is it applied without peroxide?

Due to the fact that, this means, the hair will certainly absorb the pigment prefer a moisturizing mask or conditioner. The shade filler doesn’t break the hair cuticles. It simply naturally deposits the pigments and the hair absorbs them.

Tbelow are 3 basic things you need to understand.

When you make the shift from blonde to black hair, to avoid green color, you should have two dyes at hand: among an intermediate shade and also the various other of black shade.

Why carry out you need to have actually both dyes at hand? Because you will certainly apply the black dye straight on the shade filler, without rinsing. That is, you cannot do the shade filler and use the babsence dye the following day.


You must certainly perform everything on the exact same day!

To make the color filler you should use a irreversible dye.

Due to the fact that semi-long-term dyes fade via washing.

You need to choose the correct intermediate color to make the shade filler so that black is solved in the hair fiber and also the greenish reflections carry out not show up.

For this, you deserve to divide the level of the blonde shade by 2. For example:
If your hair is additional light blonde 10, you need to apply a 5 If your hair is exceptionally light blonde 9, you have to use a 4 or 5 If your hair is light blonde 8, you must apply a 4 If your hair is blonde 7, you need to apply a 4 or 3

Once you have actually your intermediate dye (the one you will use as a color filler) and the black dyeing kit, you have the right to start the transition from blonde to babsence.


Applying color filler to go from blonde to black


I recommfinish that you make the transition from blonde to black hair, throughout a day that you are not in a hurry. A day that you deserve to dedicate yourself completely to your hair.

This means, you have the right to stop mistakes and also green hair showing up as a result of poorly applied coloring or rushing.

Ready to obtain started?



Stage 1: color filler

Comb your hair through a parting in the middle to reach all the roots perfectly. Put on your gloves and also start using the shade filler from root to guideline, remember to use this dye without mixing it with peroxide! When you’ve finished using it to the entire surface of your hair, comb it out to remove any kind of excess color. Leave it in for 30 minutes. Do not rinse.

Stage 2: application of the babsence dye

In a plastic container, mix the babsence dye and the developer. Apply the black dye from root to reminder, on the hair through the color filler. Leave it in for 30 to 40 minutes. Afterward, rinse your hair through plenty of heat water until it runs clean. Apply the post-color treatment contained in the black coloring kit and also leave it in for 5 minutes. Rinse your hair and rerelocate excess water through a towel.

Now, look at yourself in the mirror.

Do you notice any kind of traces of green in your hair?

That’s bereason you previously used the shade filler to resolve the babsence pigments in your hair.

When it’s time to renew the color, just apply the black dye.



If you want to dye your blonde hair babsence, and not acquire green, you must start via a shade filler.

To execute this, you must sindicate apply a irreversible dye of an intermediate shade, without utilizing peroxide. After thirty minutes, dye your hair with the babsence dye, without rerelocating the shade filler.

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Finally, every time you renew the shade, you just have to pick a black dye.

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