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“Invisible part” weaves have been about for a couple of years currently. The allude of them is to use the particular layering technique to show your very own scalp without actually leaving any kind of of your very own hair out to hide the tracks. The component itself isn’t invisible of course, fairly the strategy renders the weft or tracks invisible to make it show up that extension hair is growing directly from your own scalp.

I have actually watched some images of these done expertly by a professional which look absolutely flawmuch less however you know that we have actually all checked out ratchet looking ones on the streets as well. There appears to be 2 methods that you have the right to usage to install your weave* in this manner,the Glue In Methodorthe Sew In Method.

Having a leave out percentage of your very own hair is absolutely the best method to make a weave* appear as natural as possible yet many type of might feel that the included manipulation on this percentage of hair detasks the purpose of protective styling.

The two videos below are by no indicates the ideal examples of each approach yet quite a simple illustration on exactly how each method can be achieved.

The “Glue In Method”

The outcomes of the glue in method are certainly remarkable sindicate bereason you are able to place the tracks exceptionally cshed to each other so you end up through the many organic outcome.

Of course the substantial con right here is that you have to usage GLUE in your hair. A huge no-no once you are on a HHJ so my advice? Tred through treatment. The style might be cute but might likewise result in a substantial setago.

The “Sew In Method”

This is of course the safest technique however wbelow the method excels in preventing hair damage, you shed out in the last look of the style as it does not create the a lot of organic outcome.

Because you are sort of restricted in the variety of tracks that you have the right to apply as it relies on the brhelp pattern that you use, this strategy will likely produce a ‘gappy’ or choppy looking component. Of course if you are willing to produce smaller braids, you will likely be able to use more tracks layered on top of each various other bring about a much better result however it might still end up looking bulky via all the sewing involved.

Personally, I need to say that I’ve never before been completely persuaded by invisible component weaves, I expect greatly because I’ve never before checked out a real life instance that totally convinced me of it’s merits but the technique does seem renowned.

Also if you are making use of weaves* as a method to an finish (to prosper your own), then an unconvincing part is a small price to pay to defend all your hair for the duration of the style.

Do you think invisible component weaves* look natural?

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Shara Jones says

March 7, 2014 at 20:04

J"Corion Sawyer says

March 7, 2014 at 20:04

A sew in invisible component is only for curly hair or if you’re just leaving a small amount of hair out

Elder Adriene Dent Holmes says

March 7, 2014 at 20:06

Katina Smith says

March 7, 2014 at 20:08

Avalon Irion says

March 7, 2014 at 20:11

No, i personally think it looks awful. I catch my self consistently discovering these really fake looking parts and wondering to myself: why didn’t on of her friends tell her something??

How around wearing your NATURAL hair….then you wouldn’t need to problem around your component “looking” natural…it would BE natural! Geesh! #Gluewasn’tmeatforHAIR #Needle&threadweren’tmeantforHAIR

Why is it called “invisible part” once the part is visible -_- .. then aget we drive on a parkmeans and also park in a driveway..

Read the article initially if you know then the sew in one is not going to look as organic as the glue in yet the con is that you have glue all on you’re hair. Folks need sheight over the soptimal via dumb comments I’ve seen means even more ratchet hair formats then these 2 on Facebook with ten colors and pookie name in the ago of they head.

Smh you ain’t hating weaves and wigs… Get out the peak of a sistas head favor you passist or will certainly pay for a makeover you have to makeover your heart ! Get a life ! Be happy !

Here’s my take on it. I say once you put the “not so invisible” component in your head you do it so it will look herbal. & it really doesn’t no matter exactly how substantial or tiny you might think your part is. Also once we leave our hair out at the peak of our head once we wear a wig….We are progressively however sudepend damaging that area of hair bereason we have to store messing via it so it will blfinish. I have simply determined to speak doing sew ins and quick weave a whole head of hair (leaving my herbal hair under a stocking cap to be protected…oh and please make sure we are moisturizing those scalps) The glued one does look better yet for just how lengthy. After a couple of days it will loosen up and also she’ll either need to put more stress on her roots by applying more glue….or she’ll have the wider gap. I intend for genuine people……Everyone knows that this is not our real hair so why carry out detrimental things to it that might make you shed your genuine hair? IJS…..I’ll short article a few even more pics of my pulled component in my complete quick weaves (Oh, I am not a hair stylist. I just execute my own….. 13 years of quick weaves and still holding strong)

I don’t understand this… I thought it your choice to where your you’re hair the means you select right? Why is now that some womales have actually gone ago to their on happy nappiness…they are deeply hating on woguys that choose to were their hair right or weaved? When the majority of of every one of us wore perms or weaves or wigs at once in your life! AND IF YOU SAY YOU DIDN’T…STOP LYING! Enjoy yours and also let others enjoy theirs! It’s still an option RIGHT??? This is sooo petty and also ridiculous!

Coming from a stylist suggest of view, it all relies on the cut that helps make it look more natural. They are cool since they are short-lived and also your client desires an imaginative or simple hair doo.

How the hell is that invisible?? People scalps be tellin all their family members business! Jesus resolve it now!!!

My stylist persuaded me to attempt this through my sew in. Once done it looked impressive and really did look prefer a herbal parting in my hair. However before my hair growth is so quick after 6 weeks it went from a tiny parting to once that was nearly two inches wide!! Looked awful and embarrassing. And after spfinishing £300 on weave you want it to last longer than 6 weeks!!!

I’m so glad I’m herbal and don’t require weave. None of us require weave. Embrace your herbal beauty.

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I prefer illusion components better….and also for the *natural* hair police many womale that wear weave *don’t need it* if done appropriately it protects the hair….let’s just adopt each various other and distinctions that’s what renders us beautiful. ..hair doesn’t define you…favor natural doesn’t make you better…..and neither buying 60 *inches* of Indian hair…God bless

I don’t wear weave yet that sew in pic doesn’t look natural. The glue in pic looks good.

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