Why is it that Dominicans urge on rollersetting hair, when they might just straighten it through a blowdryer?The lofty location of los rolos in the renowned Dominican strategy of hair straightening is not without reason.Roller sets provide your straightened hair that added edge, volume and vitality. Here"s how. . .

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Using rollers as a step in straightening your hair suggests your strands spfinish much less time in contact via direct heat, which is the a lot of damaging create of warm for your hair.

The rollers stretch your hair out and also smooth it out as it dries under the hood dryer, enabling you to build in straightness before you go toe-to-toe with the blowdryer, and also possibly the level iron. Blowdrying hair from wet is a no-no in the Dominican tradition. In contrast, once you roller collection first, by the moment you use the other devices, a lot of the straightening has currently taken place, definition you need much less straight heat time to accomplish your desired look.
The big curl offered by the rollers (for a typical Dominihave the right to Blowout, your stylist will certainly usage the biggest dimension roller your hair deserve to take, in order to maximise stretch), imprints your hair through volume, all the while temporarily smoopoint ameans your natural curl. This tension-based, more 3D technique of straightening – as opposed to the flattening impact of the flat iron – conserves and builds in body, leaving your hair as complete as it is smooth as soon as done.

Rollersets = More smoothness

Getting the hair to lie tautly extended over a roller as it dries has actually a strong smoothing effect that simply can"t be replicated through a blowdryer or a flat iron.Done appropriate, rollerestablishing is tension-based straightening that takes advantage of your hair"s versatility once wet, allowing the roller set to mould your hair right into straightness – as opposed to almost melting it and also decreating it, which is what straight warm styling tools carry out.Just make sure you avoid widespread rolling mistakes and use the best methods and also assets to ensure your hair lies smooth on the roller – and the best rollers to maximise the stretch, with minimum affect on your hair.

Rollersets = Hair through movement

Rollers give your hair some severe bounce and also flow! The curved form which the rollers create your hair right into comes via its own spring. And not only that: making use of a roller collection beforehand also preserves valuable moisture, and also moisture = motion.Straightened hair have the right to frequently endure from lack of motion once achieved by blowdryer, flat iron or pushing comb alone.​This is greatly bereason the hair loses so a lot moisture after continual straightening at greater, direct warm, which has a stiffening impact.An authentic Dominideserve to stylist will certainly lay your hair in rollers under the dryer prior to also contemplating the blowdryer. And by the time she unravels the springy roller collection, your hair has some significant motion to it, the majority of of which will certainly continue to be undamaged in the time of the blowdry phase, as, in the Dominihave the right to Blowout – despite the name – this part is kept to a minimum, reducing the tension on your hair.
Even if you"re pressing your hair old-school through a warm comb, obtaining some of the curl out beforehand also with the rollers indicates you can acquire your hair more straightened prior to it reaches the point of resistance, which most of us know just as well well.

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After a particular amount of time under the blowdryer, flat iron or pressing comb, healthy hair often tends to reach a point wbelow it refuses to be straightened any type of better. Typically, once this happens, you have to hit it up aacquire the next day – meaning more warm, which is not excellent at all for your tresses.Rollers are simply about the ideal means to stretch out your cur beforehand also, definition you start the hand-operated straightening procedure through hair that"s currently partway right.​​Stretching your hair beforehand also implies you acquire to maximise the impact of the time during which your hair is straightened through direct warm, considering that you give it a little headstart. It also suggests you spend less time making use of these devices in your tresses – an extremely hair healthy and balanced bonus.
Using a mix of methods constantly offers your straightened hair more mileage. When a Dominicana rollersets your hair, blows it out and then wraps it into el Doobie, your hair gets imprinted through a multilayered straightness, enabling it to remain straight for much longer. A Dominihave the right to Blowout have the right to last an excellent 1-2 weeks, especially if you know the appropriate method to stretch your Blowout. A entirety lot of that longer-lasting straightness is due to the amazing stretching powers of a roller set.Ready to check out what a good roller collection deserve to do for your hair? Check out our step-by-step guide on how to rollerset your hair. Happy rolling!