First, it is very intuitive and easy to use. The lower part of the screen display is what we contact the "Command Area. In the Command also Area you will certainly see the question, "Call? The Jitterbug phone likewise offers a typical keypad through big, backlit buttons that are simpler to see.

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Do Jitterbug Flip cell phones have actually attributes for world that are visually impaired? In enhancement, clear, backlit tricks through substantial numbers make it easy to use the phone in all lighting conditions. What features does the Jitterbug Flip have actually for world who have difficulty hearing?

Cell Phone for Seniors Review: Watch This Before Buying

The volume deserve to also be adjusted while you are on the call. Jitterbug Flip phones likewise come via a Voice Dial function. This feature renders it feasible for you to dial your phone ssuggest by saying the name of the contact that you would certainly prefer to reach.

Any contacts that you would certainly choose to usage the Voice Dial feature via must be programmed into your phone before utilizing the feature. Operators based in the US are all set to help you regime contacts into your phone if you are not acquainted via this procedure. In addition, the Jitterbug Flip functions a integrated Speakerphone. The Jitterbug Flip phone weighs 4. When the phone is closed, the dimensions are: 4.

Your Jitterbug flips open to be: 7. It offers a lithium ion rechargeable cell phone battery. A battery charger is contained via eextremely Jitterbug phone. Many plans carry out not market any kind of kind of GENERAL PRACTITIONERS tracking.

To learn even more around which plans market this feature, speak to us this day at Like the Jitterbug Flip, the Jitterbug Smart2 was designed specifically through senior citizens and those via limited cell phone experience in mind. The menus are straightforward to read and super basic to navigate, simply what a brand-new cell phone user demands.Page of Go.

Page 98 - Use mygreatcontact. Quick Links. See also: Manual. User Guide. Table of Materials. GreatCall Jitterbug How-to Manual pperiods. Page 3 Family. Additionally, our service specialists and wellness and also safety and security services are designed to save you safeguarded, linked and also in control of your life. Page 4 2 Table of Components Page 6 Placing A Call Page 14 2 Getting Started Jitterbug cell phone and rechargeable battery - the battery has actually been pre-installed for your convenience 2.

Wall Charger — to charge your phone 3. Page 17 Outside Display — check out the present time, the present date and also notifications about charging status, incoming calls, or messeras Power Connector — enables you to charge your Jitterbug via the offered Wall surface Charger, as well as affix a number of accessories to your Jitterbug Page 19 External Speaker — delivers loud and also clear sound when the Speakerphone function is enabled pg.

Lanyard Connector — makes it basic to affix a lanyard or wrist strap to carry your Jitterbug. Page Activating Your Jitterbug To encertain that your Jitterbug phone is set off properly, it is essential that you follow these basic measures as soon as activating. Otherwise proceed to action Page 23 Phone number Email resolve Crmodify or debit card information Emergency call details The digit Serial Number discovered on the side of your Jitterbug box, or on the Activation Card you received inside the Jitterbug box.

Page 24 You can now open your Jitterbug and press the switch and the activation procedure will instantly begin. This process may take a couple of minutes and also you may notification the phone reboot numerous times.

Using The Wall surface Charger 1. Page 27 We recommfinish an initial charge of as much as 12 hours. Failure to do so may damages your battery. If you usage your Jitterbug without charging the battery, and it is critically low, it will certainly rotate itself off. Page 29 Please reference page 23 for more information on Phone Info. The Jitterbug attributes a standby time of as much as 25 days.

Talk time is around 5 hrs. Typical determinants that affect battery performance include message messaging, taking or sending images, intake of 5Star Service and making calls. When you hear a dial tone, your Jitterbug has organization and is prepared to use. Your Jitterbug will certainly then revolve off. NOTE: We recommfinish keeping your Jitterbug on at all times and charging it over night so you can always remain associated.

Getting Started The complying with diagram defines the locations of the Inside Display and also how to use them, using the Phone Publication as an instance. It identifies the feature you are making use of. Detail Area — the middle of the Inside Display provides the details of each function. Page 35 Please referral Section 5, page for more information.The Jitterbug Flip and also Jitterbug Smart2 cell phones are designed to be a straightforward cell phones for seniors, not some kind of alien innovation that you need to decipher in order to usage them.

In addition, both phones have voice dialing capabilities that will connect you through the ideal perboy.

How to do hard reset Greatcontact Jitterbug Smart

Even the advanced functions are simple to usage if you pick to take advantage of them. And, if you require help, friendly U. Both phones function integrated cameras to snap and also share pictures and videos with your loved ones. The Jitterbug Flip also consists of a brand-new flashlight with incorporated magnifier to watch in dimly-lit areas. These phones are truly designed to put the features that you need the majority of at your fingertips when you require them. What excellent is a cell phone if you cannot see or hear it well enough to use it?

Both phones, the Jitterbug Smart2 and Jitterbug Flip, function bright, high-contrast shade screens that are big and extremely easy to view. They function an amplified speaker, which makes calls louder, and a built-in speakerphone for hands-free listening and also talking.

We"re right here for you.

With Jitterbug, great treatment has been taken to make certain that this is not just a simple cell phone Talk Plans are perfect for emergency use and occasional calling and still include a bundle of services at no extra charge. Need more minutes? We have great deals on plans for constant talkers, too. Best of all, all Jitterbug cell phone plans do not have actually a contract. You deserve to cancel anytime, and tright here are no early termination fees.

If you are dissatisfied through your new phone, rerevolve it during those 30 days for a full remoney. I love my Jitterbug! Simple cell phones for seniors, those that thrived up as soon as phones were connected by wires. Your brand-new Jitterbug mobile phone renders phone calls simpler Affordable cell phone plans for everyone. Click to call: This graphic alert implies that you are leaving the GreatCall webwebsite and are going to a non-GreatCall webwebsite.

Please be advised of the following:.

To clear the Call log

The federal government sets criteria to encertain that mobile gadgets are provided safely. GreatCall meets or exceeds the governing requirements for all mobile tools that are gave through GreatCall. Mobile devices that are gave by GreatCall meet the latest demands governing radio safety levels.

Q: Is the Jitterbug Flip Bluetooth compatible? Q: What are the dimensions and also weight of the Jitterbug Flip? Q: How many type of phone numbers can the Jitterbug Flip store? Q: How have the right to I add names to my Phone Book? Q: What provides the Jitterbug Flip so easy to use? Q: How many ring tones are obtainable on the Jitterbug Flip? Q: Does the Jitterbug Flip have actually functions for those that are visually impaired? Q: When the Jitterbug Flip is plugged into the charger does the phone instantly rotate on? Q: Other than the Speakerphone, does the Jitterbug Flip market any various other hands-totally free features?

Q: Does the Jitterbug Flip sell Enhanced support?


Q: What kind of camera does the Jitterbug Flip have? Q: Can I recuperate a deleted photo? Q: What is the maximum variety of photos the Jitterbug Flip can save, sfinish or receive? Q: How execute I usage Voice Dial? Q: What colors are the Jitterbug Flip available in? Q: Is the Jitterbug5 Bluetooth compatible? The Jitterbug5 is equipped to make use of a lot of Bluetooth wiremuch less headsets, hands-free speakers and also other Bluetooth compatible devices.

Note: GreatCall does not provide technological assistance and also cannot guarantee compatibility of any accessory not offered straight by GreatCall. Q: What makes the Jitterbug5 so straightforward to use?

Q: What are the dimensions and also weight of the Jitterbug5? Q: How many ring tones are obtainable on the Jitterbug5? Q: How lengthy does the battery last after being fully charged? Q: What sort of cam does the Jitterbug5 have? Q: Does the Jitterbug5 have attributes for those that are visually impaired? Q: When the Jitterbug5 is plugged into the charger does the phone immediately turn on? Q: Other than the Speakerphone, does the Jitterbug5 sell any type of other hands-complimentary features?

Q: Does the Jitterbug5 market Enhanced support? Q: How carry out I usage the new 5Star switch found on the Jitterbug5? Q: What colors are the Jitterbug5 obtainable in? Q: What is the maximum variety of photos the Jitterbug5 have the right to keep, sfinish or receive? Q: How carry out I access the Speakerphone on the Jitterbug5?Your hands-cost-free device tracks calls made and obtained while the system is active.

You can use this indevelopment for a number of points, including calling a number back. However, you might uncover that you inevitably desire to delete one or all contact backgrounds. Outgoing Call History : Use the tuner knob to select delete speak to background from the phone food selection. Then pick outgoing calls. To delete every one of the calls, push the lefta lot of preset button and then yes.

To delete just one number, pick the number and press the button on the tuner knob, followed by yes. Incoming Call History : Use the tuner knob to pick delete call history and also then choose incoming calls.

To delete them all, press all and then yes. To delete just one number, pick the number, push the tuner knob switch and also then yes. Missed Calls : Choose delete call background from the phone food selection and also then pick missed calls. To delete all missed calls, press all and then yes. All Histories : If you want to delete every one of your call backgrounds at once, choose call background, and then all calls.

Press all and then yes. To delete simply one number from all histories, select the number, push the tuner knob button and also then yes. Q: How execute I delete the contact background from my hands-complimentary system? How perform I delete the call history from my hands-cost-free system? Thank YourMechanic. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback!

Sorry about that. Why wasn"t this information helpful? The statements expressed over are just for informational objectives and need to be independently showed. Please check out our terms of company for more details. Related Questions. How execute I readjust the intervals of the windshield wipers on intermittent operation? What does the all-wheel drive AWD lock light mean?

What does the Security System Alarm indicator mean on the dash? How carry out I usage the luggage net?You might think that deleting your contact history will prevent others to watch the calls that you made or received but the truth is not as you imaged.

Anyone who knows just how to tinker via a mobile gadget is able to expose those calls that you desire to store in secret that you do not desire others to check out. This sounds scary yet this is not a joke. Deleting the call background by clicking the Delete command sindicate takes indevelopment behind a closed door and also that door have the right to be compelled to open by someone expert in picking locks or strong sufficient to break the barrier.

So even the FBI agents can not figure out a method to obtain them earlier. As much as I recognize, Android File Eraser is the finest candiday I have tried in last few days, it"s an individual assistant regime designed to permanently delete files that you carry out not desire others to check out, including call history, contacts, text messeras and photos.


Once you have erased your file making use of this software, no one could reopen it even by the the majority of advanced data recoextremely software. The software application offers a private strategy that the US armed forces utilize to save information that is classified as peak trick from being seen by unauthorized persons.

It works just choose a shredder for paper files but rather, this one works through soft duplicates. Don"t Miss: How to delete photos from Android without recovery.

The first action for the whole task is to download the regimen and also install it correctly on your computer system. Tbelow is no hassle on this, simply prefer consistent software application installation. Double click the desktop computer shortcut to open the routine as soon as installation is completed. The primary display is presented as the following:. Nothing happens once the gadget is not attached on that computer system. So please plug right into your Android phone to the same computer system using USB cable.

Once your device is well connected to the computer, click the option " Eraser Private Data " from the major display screen. After scanning, all the data type will be shown on the left. You can click to ptestimonial and choose which one you want to erase. After you selecting the right erasing alternative, then form the "Erase" to begin the erasing process. Please make sure you"ve backed up your data before erasing.

You can click the " Settnigs " switch to change the security level. Tright here are three protection levels gave to erase call background or various other data on your idevice.

Read very closely and choose the right wiping option and following. Now the regime will certainly start erasing your information consisting of contact history totally, during the erase, please store the gadget always associated to your computer. It"s always a good exercise to permanently delete crucial personal information on your tool to proccasion others stealing it for negative function.

Android Eraser can be supplied to wipe out all kinds of indevelopment instantly on any Android device. It deserve to also get rid of your junk items easily and also conveniently. It is beneficial to those that want to reoffer or profession in their existing gadget. Before marketing or trading in your phone, you want to wipe out your personal indevelopment from your phone and also you can carry out this by utilizing the Android Eraser. Still unconvinced? Take a totally free shot now!

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GreatCall Jitterbug User Manual

Google and also Motorola. Sjust how 2 more Sjust how less Related Articles. Method 1 of Open the Phone app. It"s the green phone icon commonly found at the bottom-left edge of the house display. It"s at the top-right edge of the display.

Tap Delete. You"ll check out boxes alongside each of the calls in the list. Select the calls you desire to delete. Tap the box to delete that call, or tap the All checkbox at the height of the list to pick all calls. The speak to background is currently deleted. Method 2 of It"s the blue circle via a white phone receiver inside.

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It"s generally located at the bottom of the residence screen. Tap Call History. This screens all in- and also out-bound calls. Tap Clear call history. Tap OK to confirm.