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Kinky-curly extensions were produced so that natural womales had actually hair that actually matched the curl pattern and also texture of what was thriving out of their scalp. For the many part, kinky-curly is extremely simple to blfinish given that tright here are many type of various textures to match your hair.

However before, sometimes we require a small extra work to gain the curls blended so that we deserve to have actually the many realistic looking hair possible. I offered to battle with this issue a lot, however given that then I’ve learned a couple of tips and tricks that aid me flawlessly blfinish my hair with my extensions.

Below are 5 tips to help you effortlessly blend your hair through kinky-curly extensions!

Use Perm and Flexi Rods*

Depfinishing on the dimension, size, and also form of curl, perm and also flexi rods* are perfect for blfinishing your natural hair with kinky curly extensions.

To acquire the closest match, you’ll need to identify what type of curl the extensions host. Are they loose or tight? Big or small? More wavy or favor coils? This component is really important bereason certain, your leave out will certainly be curled–however it’ll be a totally various curl than your extensions.

Make certain you understand precisely what form of curl it is, and then pick the best styling tool. Normally, perm rod curls blfinish better with tight curls while flexi rods* aid to blend through looser curls.

Curl Expansions and also Your Real Hair At The Same Time

The mistake that most women make is that they curl their hair sepaprice from the extensions and attempt to blend it later. It’ll be the very same curl, yet you can typically tell wbelow your hair ends and the extensions start.

To remove this problem, take a item of your hair and a piece of the extensions, combine them together, and also then wrap them about your styling tool.

By the moment you take the hair out of the perm/flexi rod* or off the curling wand*, it’ll look prefer one unicreate curl.

If you are uncomfortable with perm/flexi rods*, rollers, or a curling wand*, try bantu knots, twist and braid outs; these approaches will certainly also work perfectly fine.

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If you’re worried around your hair being too short to blend with this technique, attempt doing a rod collection while your hair is damp or wet; there’s a better chance of it blending much better this way because it’ll have actually time to dry and set together.