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Kamran Forghani ⋅ Laguna Niguel, CAU.S. Navy, Petty Officer Third Class ⋅ 4 years served

I am an hourly employee. I was hired part time however I just acquire 16 hrs a week. I would prefer more hours and also even more responsiblity yet I dont recognize exactly how to ask. Any suggestions? Thanks


Richard Stamets - Advisor- Skillmale, NJ

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Rictough Stamets ⋅ Skillman, NJAIG ⋅ 25 years experience

Hi Kamran - I would certainly first ask for feedearlier from your manager on your performance. If there's anything you have to job-related on, I'd correct that first before asking. Then, once you feel your manager likes your occupational, I would certainly ask for a few minutes of his/her time and ask and explain why you desire more time. Just be sure to incorporate value for the firm and your manager in your "ask". Best of Luck... Enjoy the beautiful sites of Laguna till you get that permanent position!


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Andy Bergin - Advisor- Greenwich, CT

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You've got a lot valuable advice already. All I can include is a basic assumed that has benefitted me in my career. Don't offer concepts - market options. Asking for more hrs have the right to pose a problem for a manager. Find a difficulty in your agency that you could aid fix by working more hours. For example, perhaps there's an existing procedure you can make even more reliable if you had actually a couple of even more hrs onsite. Many managers hate problems but they love solutions.