Getting a tatas well stencil perfectly placed that will stay throughout the entirety session can be tricky sometimes. In this overview, we’ll describe just how to transport tatalso stencil perfectly onto the skin and also why tatalso stencil is so crucial in the process of acquiring a tatalso.

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For this article, we obtained in our studio an artist through many type of years in the industry: the global danish tattoo artist Daniel Paarup. Daniel has been tattooing in studios all over the people for more than 12 years, learning different techniques on what’s the ideal way to apply tattoo stencil onto the skin.

To obtain a summary of the procedure, the actions to use the perfect tatalso stencil deserve to be damaged dvery own as following:

How to move a tatas well stencil?

Cleaning the location.Shaving.Disinfection.Application of tatalso stencil solution.Peel & dry.

Check out this video where we go through all steps utilizing a actual case:

Why Getting the Tattoo Stencil Right is So Important?

It’s very crucial that the tatalso stencil remains on throughout the entirety session, as it will be used as a guide to work-related on, and gain the design perfectly inserted. This is specifically important if your style is based on fine lines, geometrical forms, and also any kind of create of realism.


How to Transfer Tatas well Stencil in 5 Steps

Step 1: SOAP

In this action, we will certainly continue to clean the area we will certainly be working on. Washing the area is important for two major reasons: hygiene and moisturize the skin for the shaving actually step.

It’s incredibly necessary to remember that tattooing is a medical procedure, therefore ensuring high hygiene criteria to proccasion infections is important, additionally when using tatalso stencil on the skin.


Before we begin shaving actually, it’s recommended to use soap that moisturizes the skin. Not only to clean the area, but additionally to acquire the surface smooth for a safe and less complicated shave actually. Shaving on dry skin is not recommended, as it have the right to damages the skin. TIP:

Clean a huge location to make sure bacteria won’t come in when using the tattoo stencil.


Tip 2: SHAVE

In this step you will shave actually the area to make sure the skin is totally free of hair. Use the foam soap you’ve applied in the step before to shave the location you desire to tatalso.


As discussed before in step 1, shave actually way over the area the tattoo will certainly be inserted to make sure the entirety location is totally shaved once using the tatas well stencil. 



After cleaning the location and also rerelocating the hair, it’s time to disinfect with alcohol.

The factor we desire to disinfect the area is, of course for hygienic reasons, but likewise to prepare the skin for the stencil.

By disinfecting with alcohol prior to applying the tatas well stencil, we make certain any kind of herbal layer of fat, grease, or any type of external agent will be rerelocated. That way, the stencil will be used completely onto the skin, through nothing in in between.




Arguably the a lot of important/tricky action to get the tatas well stencil perfect on the skin.

If we obtain the stencil perfectly put and we know the perfect timing prior to we can proceed to remove the stencil, we deserve to nearly guarantee that you will have actually a nice and also perfect tatas well stencil transferred to the skin.

After that, aid the solution sink into the skin by rubbing it in circular motions.When the solution is drying out you will certainly feel it in the skin, as it gets sticky. At that minute, the skin is prepared to obtain the tatas well stencil.Carefully apply the stencil onto the skin and also press from the facility outwards.Rub over the stencil via kitchen towel until to make certain it’s completely dry.





For correct placement, usage markers (as presented in the image below) to encertain the tatalso stencil sits on the right place.A good indicator that the skin is dry enough for the paper to be rerelocated is that the client will certainly feel how it’s gaining tight on that area.Make sure you don’t leave any type of stencil solution on the skin.

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Step 5: PEEL & DRY

If we’ve done everything the means we must, this action have to be fairly easy:

Once the skin is dry enough, we continue to rerelocate the stencil paper.Then, we let it dry for 15-20 minutes.After the waiting time, the location is prepared to be tattooed. 


A excellent indicator that the skin is ready is that as soon as you take off the stencil paper, the skin will lift after the paper.


Products Used on This Guide:

- Tatas well Foam Soap


- Tatalso Stencil Solution


- Alcohol

- Stencil Transfer Paper

Bottom Line

Getting your stencil right will aid you ensure a perfect design. For that factor, it"s important to make certain you grasp the art of carrying the stencil to the skin.We hope this overview has been beneficial and also will include some worth to your search on becoming the best tattoo artist you can be!