"> Here"s a little about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Characters. Find out of their personality and some cool added information. Click on the character"s name to recognize around them. Raphael Leonardo Donatello Michelangelo Splinter April O"Neil Casey Jones The Shredder Krang Bebop Rocksteady Foot Soldier Back to height Name: Raphael Height: 5"2"Weight: 180 lbs.Weapon: SaiFavourite Colour: Red Hobbies: Hoccrucial, baseround, golf, fightingNicknames: RaphFavourite Food: Cereal Raphael is the many hotheaded turtle of all. He"s as well rational which normally reasons even more trouble for the turtles but sometimes, Raph"s character is valuable in specific instances. Raphael is anti-social and also short-tempered. When civilization gain on his nerves (most world do), Raph likes to be alone. At the moment, Raph is trying to manage himself and also as Splinter told him to find his "center". Back to optimal Name: Leonardo Height: 5"2"Weight: 180 lbs.Weapon: KatanasFavourite Colour: Blue Hobbies: MeditatingNicknames: Leo, Leon, "Fearless", Leader, Ginsu MasterFavourite Food: Rice, fish, salads, apples, pizza Leonarexecute is the leader of the turtles. He takes whatever extremely seriously specifically his Ninjitsu training. Since Leo does not have actually many type of hobbies, Leo likes to review. But he does not review just any kind of publications. He reads books about strategy for the defense of his family. Some say Leonardo"s expectations of things are also high yet Leo is simply trying to make points done well. Leonarcarry out is always all set and also protects his family before he himself in all situations. Back to top Name: Donatello Height: 5"2"Weight: 180 lbs.Weapon: BoFavourite Colour: Purple Hobbies: Inventing, Computers, Engineering, Piloting, Mathematics, Sciencebr>Nicknames: Don, Donny, Don-SanFavourite Food: Pizza, Sushi Donatello is the "brains" of the Turtles. He"s studious and productive. He fixes anypoint and also everything. Don isn"t like the others as soon as it concerns fighting. Donny would certainly quite talk things out rather of physical call. But most of the time, talking won"t solve anything. Donny is always busy through his creations and also is working on a violent-free people creation by transforming the genes. Like it states in the 1980"s TMNT cartoon series advent song, "Donatello does machines!" Back to optimal Name: Michelangelo Height: 5"2"Weight: 180 lbs.Weapon: NunchakuFavourite Colour: Oselection Hobbies: Skating, Surfing, video gamesNicknames: MickeyFavourite Food: pizza Micvital is the "party dude". He"s funny and also extremely goofy but he"s fun. When things are down, Mickey"s tright here to cheer up the remainder of the turtles. Mickey LOVES pizza! No one loves pizzan extra than Mickey! Michlangelo has the cool nunchaku weapon. Not just can he use it to fight the poor guys; he deserve to usage them to fly in the air by spinning them really quick like a helicopter. Mickey is constantly in a good mood. It more than likely bereason he keeps saying, "Man, I love being a turtle" Back to top Name: Splinter Height: 4"10"Weight: 150 lbs.Weapon: AnyFavourite Colour: Yellow Hobbies: Reading, cookingNicknames: NoneFavourite Food: vegetables, soup, tea Splinter or Master Splinter is the sensei of the turtles. (Sensei suggests teacher) Not only does he teach the turtles the art of Ninjitsu, he is also their father. As the turtles flourished up, Splinter was the only creature they kbrand-new. Tbelow are 2 various stories of just how Splinter came to be what he is. One story is that he offered to be a male called Hamato Yoshi who turned right into a rat. The original story from the original comic books and also the new t.v. series tells the story of Splinter being a tiny pet rat belonging to a guy called Hamato Yoshi. As a pet rat, he duplicated all of Yoshi"s moves and also came to be a grasp at ninjitsu. When his grasp Yoshi was eliminated, Splinter escaped from the house and came to the sewers wright here he met the turtles. Splinter and also the turtles were covered in ooze that made every one of them bigger. Back to peak Name: April O"Neil Height: 5"8"Weight: 125 lbs.Weapon: KatanaFavourite Colour: Red Hobbies: Antiques, martial arts, readingNicknames: Ape, Carrot-TopFavourite Food: Chocolate April O"Neil has had actually different work in her life. In the 80"s cartoons, she was a news reporter. In the current T.V. series, she was an assistant for a mad scientist. Now, she owns and runs her father"s antique shop. April is an extremely great friend of the Turtles. The Turtles conserve her life many kind of times yet then aobtain, she is prefer household. They hang out virtually everyday. Sometimes, April likes to train through them. April does not have a boyfrifinish yet things are looking good in between her and Casey Jones. They have many type of things in widespread and April believes he is the the majority of honorable male alive. April"s goal in life is to make a note in the human being. She may perform that by creating a book even though she hasn"t obtained time to sit down and write one. She keeps a diary via her experiences particularly via the Turtles. Back to peak Name: Casey Jones Height: 6"2"Weight: 225 lbs.Weapon: Hoccrucial stick, Golf clubs, Basesphere batsFavourite Colour: Green Hobbies: Auto mechanics, weight lifting, sporting activities, protecting the weakNicknames: Case, Gap CaseFavourite Food: Mexideserve to and Italian food, pretzels Casey Jones obviously loves sports and likes to usage his ability in sports to fight the bad guys in his neighborhood that favor to cause trouble. He particularly likes to fight the Purple Dragons that took his father amethod once Casey was young. To sheight the bad men, Casey started weight lifting and also bought publications on martial arts. When the poor men pertained to the community, Casey likes to teach them a leschild they"ll never before forobtain. Casey met up via turtles as soon as Casey was fighting the Purple Dragons. Casey experienced Raph and also assumed Raph was additionally a Purple Dragon. Raph denied his component in the Purple Dragon yet Casey wouldn"t believe him. They dealt with and Raph kicked his behind. After that beating, Casey thought Raph and they ended up being friends. Back to height Name: The Shredder Height: 6"2"Weight: 240 lbs.Weapon: His armorFavourite Colour: Purple, Red Hobbies: Conquering the worldNicknames: NoneFavourite Food: Food is an illness Oroku Saki, or the Shredder, is the leader or Ninja master of the Foot Clan. The Foot has existed for centuries and also he is their understand. The Shredder is so powerful; he has actually even more skill and also understanding than all of the previous Masters of the Foot Clan linked. The Shredder believes he is unstoppable. Not even the Turtles have the right to beat him with all four of them going at the Shredder. But Splinter is the wisest creature and also can out wit the Shredder. Eventhough the Shredder may be the many effective, he is not unstoppable. Back to optimal Name: Krang Height: 2"3"Weight: ??Weapon: Too many to listFavourite Colour: Pink Hobbies: Destroying human beings, baking, knittingNicknames: WarlordFavourite Food: Quarg Rat Pie, Mucklegoose Quiche, Pickles He is Warlord Krang. He was kicked out of his homeland for crimes he didn"t commit. On earth, he is trying to prove his innocence to his people so he have the right to resign up with his world and also serve him as a actual Warlord would. On earth, Krang met Saki, or Shredder. As time went on, Krang favored earth more and even more. He then made a decision to remain on earth to overcome the world to do the human being a "favour". He will rearea the federal governments with himself as the monarch. He will take away televisions and also relocation them with holographic vid screen where you give Krang your stuff. He thinks the civilization requirements him and also via him, you will certainly have no taxes. Back to height Name: Bebop Height: 5"4"Weight: 325.5 lbs.Weapon: Fists, gunsFavourite Colour: Blue, Black Hobbies: WrestlingNicknames: Too many type of to nameFavourite Food: Hot dogs, rhubarb pie Bebop together with Rocksteady was simply a normal humale till their Boss, Shredder, determined to transform them right into mutants. As human beings, they always bullied world in their block. Now, as a mutant, they acquire to bully civilization also even more. Bebop is a very challenging guy but he is not extremely smart. His greatest weakness is his dumbness however sometimes, it doesn"t matter because he deserve to quickly beat people up. With his boss, he gets to take a trip all over the world to beat people up. Back to peak Name: Splinter Height: 6"8"Weight: 540 lbs.Weapon: Big gunsFavourite Colour: Babsence Hobbies: Gambling, KarateNicknames: NoneFavourite Food: Pizza Similar to Bebop, Rocksecure used to be a humale who chosen to bully civilization. The boss transdeveloped Rocksteady into a mutant however that didn"t mind Rockstable. He didn"t have actually any friends other than for Bebop. As a mutant, Rocksteady is obviously a lot more powerful and can do even more fun points. He gets to travel the human being via his boss, eventhough his boss is mean. He hates the Turtles. The Turtles always ruin his fun. One day, Rockstable hopes to beat up the Turtles. Back to height Name: Foot Soldier Height: variesWeight: varies Weapon: variesFavourite Colour: varies Hobbies: varyNicknames: varyFavourite Food: vary Obviously, there are many kind of foot soldiers. The Foot Soldiers are component of the Foot Clan. Individually, each member of the Foot Clan is very weak. But together, the Foot Clan becomes very solid. The Foot Clan is a Ninja Clan from Japan that spreads anywhere the civilization. Most of the Foot Clan functioning for the Shredder is in the United States. The Foot Clan has actually many different ranks. You try to relocate up the ranmajesties to the height as a Foot Elite. Tbelow can only be 12 Foot Elite so many kind of death battles are done. As component of the Foot Clan, you are tright here to serve your understand and also perform what is told without questions.

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Different civilization join the Foot Clan for their very own factors however once you sign up with, you have to serve your grasp.