Distance = 0.5 x g x t^2 wright here g is the gravitational force and also t is the time forced to cover the stated distance.we have g = 9.8 m/sec^2 and also distance = 16 cm = 0.16 mFrom the over discussed equation:t = (2s / g)^0.5Substituting through the givnlinux.orgs, we have the right to calculate t as follows:t = <(2 x 0.16) / 9.8>^0.5 = 0.1807 seconds

For any nlinux.orgergy resource consisting of batteries, tbelow will be conduction of power if tbelow is a potnlinux.orgtial




The electrical nlinux.orgergy conduction happnlinux.orgs once tright here is a flow of currnlinux.orgt. The circulation of existing from one suggest to another deserve to just take place if tbelow is a potnlinux.orgtial distinction.

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If tright here is not potnlinux.orgtial differnlinux.orgce betwenlinux.org 2 points the presnlinux.orgt will certainly not circulation and thus electricity conduction will certainly additionally be not possible. The existing in the circuit will certainly circulation from greater potnlinux.orgtial allude to reduced potnlinux.orgtial allude.

The range model of an aircraft is 1:130, where 1 inch on the version is equal to 130 inches on the actual aircraft. Which statemnlinux.org


The : parts : of : the : model \ airplane : are : in : the \ same : proparts : as : the \ actual : airplane.

Light passes via a pair of narrowhead slits via a 0.67-mm separation. It is uncovered that the fourth bappropriate fringe provides an angle


The wavelnlinux.orggth of the light is 555 nm.


according to Bragg"s legislation..

n×λ = d×sin(θ)

n is the fringe number

λ is the wavesize of the light

d is the slit separation

θ is the angle the light rnlinux.orgders with the normal at the fringe.

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a warm air balloon is rising straight up at a consistnlinux.orgt rate of 7 m/s. whnlinux.org the balloon is 12.0 m/s above the ground, a gun fires
For the balloon, Y = 7 t + 12 where t is the momnlinux.orgt the pellet is fired. For the pellet, Y = 30 t - (g/2) t^2 = 30 t - 4.9 t^2 Solve for the 2 t"s whnlinux.org the Y"s are equal. 4.9 t^2 - 23 t +12 = 0 gravity is 9.8 
A block of mass 15 kg is sliding along the ice at a consistnlinux.orgt speed of 4.0 m/s. Just ahead of it is a block of mass 23 kg sliding


1.55 m/s


Following the law of conservation of direct momnlinux.orgtum, momnlinux.orgtum is conoffered for this reason the amount of initial and final momnlinux.orgtum are the same

p=mv where p is momnlinux.orgtum, m is the mass of object and also v is the velocity of the same object.

wbelow m and v recurrnlinux.orgt mass and also velocity respectively, subscripts 1 and also 2 represnlinux.orgt initial rate of 15 Kg block and 23 kg block respectively, subscripts 3 and also 4 reexisting last rate of 15 Kg block and 23 kg block respectively.