Describe exactly how to prepare each solution from the dry solute andthe solvent.a. 125 mL of 0.100 M NaNO3b. 125 g of 0.100 m NaNO3c. 125 g of 1.0% NaNO3 solution by mass

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Hey, so are making services of sodium nitprice equals eighty four allude nine nine answerable. So first one is one twenty five mils of zero allude one. Okay, so we don't recognize. We don't understand what the density is of this solution, right? So what you would actually perform to perform this is you take a volumetric flask. Why a lot quick choose this? It's a small noting for twenty five mils. Let's say so. Basically, what you carry out is you take your sodium nitprice, and first we must number out exactly how much we need. So in a suggest, another solution, let's say Constellation is number, moles or volume. She's the mass or the even more mass times volume. So the mass is the concentration was more mass times volume and also more, uh, zero to five liters. So that's gonna give us one point of six grams. All appropriate, so what you do to make this bereason you don't know what the dances, we're gonna include One allude Oh, six grams, one suggest six grams sodium nitprice. And currently we're going to do is add water until the total volume of the solution is a hundred twenty five months. Right? You can't just include one hundred twenty five milliliters ofwater measured separately because, well, occur. There is. Your solution will certainly be slightly greater in volume because you added an extra little bit appropriate. You take your solid and then you just diluted till it's under twenty five minutes. R B is one twenty five males of zero point an additional lap and m is one kilogram. OK, so there's going to be done exactly the exact same means because once aget, we don't understand what the thickness were. Files, aloofness. So what you perform is you take a beaker, put it on the range, add one point oh, six grams of sodium nitrate, and also then you would simply add water, and also then you just include water to the beaker till the scale reads one hundred twenty 5 grams. Okay, so it's the exact same thing. Morale is simply the very same similarity. But via kilograms rather and also roughly room temperature, this solution in the last one are going to be incredibly straightforward. It's a beast. A lit If her ceased differences, uh, one twenty 5 grams of one point o percent. No. Bye mints. Okay, uh, to execute this, you just take your one twenty 5 grams won't fly by one percent one point 2 5 grams, which suggests that their remaining ninety nine percent should be water. So for this in the solution, all you need to carry out is include one allude 2 5 grams sodium nitprice at this a lot water in Judah.

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Um, alternatively, you might perform it the same way as the mole al one, where you add one suggest two five grams the beaker, and also then you just fill it up through water until it reads one twenty five Toto. But it doesn't matter, as long as I simply give mine police that we didn't just take one point Oh, 6 grams and also include one twenty five mils water bereason as soon as again, the density