First time heading to the Vans Warped Tour? Don’t worry, I’m an old pro. I saw Warped for my initially time as soon as I was 13 years old! Not to day myself… however that was a while ago! When I was a teenager, it was the highlight of my summer. My friends and I counted dvery own until our day each year and also it was certainly one of the highlights of our year. To this day, it still renders me nostalgic & I love the fact that you have the right to go and also check out a ton of your favorite and new bands all in one location – for the price of one ticket!

Maybe it’s your first year going, or possibly you’re simply searching for some tips to make it the best day ever before. Here are some of my tips to aid acquire you all set & obtain you with Warped! Just remember, be safe, have fun & don’t forgain to ROCK OUT!

Wright here to get tickets

First off… you require tickets. Hopecompletely you’ve conserved a little cash. If you’re conserving up or searching for tips to save, check out my DIY Concert Piggy Bank. General Admission tickets price around $48, which appears like most money, yet think about every one of the bands you acquire to check out in one day! If you buy your tickets in advancement, they’re also cheaper. Be careful of scams on Craigslist — aka ticket scalpers & be certain to shop approximately prior to buying. Some sites are cheaper than others & some have actually restricted time discounts. A few of my favorite sites for finding concert tickets:

What to carry out before

Next off up, it’s time to make a game arrangement. A few things you need to do:

How much money perform you must bring? Plan to bring a tiny additional money for water and also food if you’re not going to load it. Also, if you plan on buying merch, take into consideration exactly how much it could price.If you bought your tickets online, be sure to print them out and also store them in a safe location.What to perform the NIGHT beforeDownpack the Vans Warped Tour App & figure out which bands you can want to inspect out!Make a list of the bands you desire to see. You won’t be able to uncover out the collection times till the day of, but at leastern you’ll have your priorities collection.Pack your bag up (scroll dvery own to “what to bring”).Check the weather – that way you’ll know what to wear & if you should bring any kind of extra provides.What to wear

Have you viewed my blog post around What to Wear to a Concert? Here are the essential things to consider:

Wear comfortable shoes. I wouldn’t recommend breaking in your brand-new pair of sneakers or wearing heels/open up toed shoes.If it’s going to be hot out, wear layers. Shorts and also a t-shirt or tank optimal. Maybe a casual dress. Bring a jacket and also throw it right into your bag.If you’re favor me and also don’t choose acquiring sunscorched, wear/bring a hat. You’re going to be under the sun for a lengthy time, a hat will certainly save your face.A comfortable cross body bag or small backload. You don’t desire to bring a bag that’s a hassle or tough to lug. But it’s essential to have something that you deserve to store your gives and potential souvenirs in.Sunglasses – don’t foracquire these!

Leopard Publish Shoes – Steve Madden

Studded Backpack – Target

Pink Linen Shorts – H&M

Copper Sunglasses – Quay

Denim Hat – B.P.

Crop Top – H&M 

What to bringIf you’re packing a bag, I recommfinish bringing water & a snack (or lunch) to conserve money. Make sure the water bottle is sealed though!SunscreenChapstickYour cameraA sharpie (simply in instance you run right into someone and want an autograph) and for writing dvery own collection times.Cell PhoneCash $$$Your ID & a debit card for backupIf it’s going to be raining, take into consideration a jacket or a poncho, possibly also an umbrella.Earplugs (optional)Hair tiesWrite down important cell phone numbers on a item of paper or card and also save it in your wallet, simply in instance your phone dies.A few DO’sBe consideprice of the world roughly you.Make new friends.Keep an eye out for signing times.Bring 3 canned food items, a $5 donation or a offered cell phone – docountries are made to Feed Out Children Now — you can get in early via an Express Entry wristband.Bring a parent! They obtain in free!Check out some brand-new bands you’ve never heard.Check out all of the various merch booths and also merchants.Take many pictures!Have fun!A few DONT’sLeave alcohol, chains, sophisticated camperiods, illegal substances, recording gadgets, tools and also valuables at house.Be aggressive & shove past people to gain up front. If you want to acquire up cshed, be patient or wait till the moment is ideal.Make fun of people: whether it’s the way they look, they means they’re dress or the music they’re listening to, be nice.Get upset if someone pushes you/runs into you in the crowd.Drink Alcohol – specifically if you’re under age. No sneaky sneaks.Leave your friends behind.Forget to eat, drink water & reuse sunscreen!Let an adverse endure or interaction destroy your day!

Want to win a FREE ticket to Warped Tour!? Comment your favorite band below in the comments & why you desire to win.

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