Jacob Sartorius Net Worth – $3 million

Jacob Sartorius is a young YouTuber, Tiktoker, and musician from America, his actual name is Rolf Jacob Sartorius. As of 2021, jacob sartorius’s net worth is estimated even more than $3 million. Major components of his net worth come from touring, music sales, brand also endorsements, Tiktok, and also YouTube channels.

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Jacob Sartorius is a living instance that age is not a obstacle against success. At such a young age, he is currently living the life that many type of can only dream of. And it looks favor there is no preventing now!

Titled as the “Next off Justin Bieber,” by Business Insider, Jacob Sartorius is a well-known boy singer, YouTuber, and social personality. He climbed to popularity through the application musical.ly, wbelow he posted lip-syncing videos.

This 18-year-old star has already made a huge reputation in the showbiz market and internet world. You have the right to simply imagine the amount of money Jacob need to be making. If you’re wondering exactly how much money Jacob Sartorius is making, we must tell you; it is nothing much less than a million!

This young YouTuber and musician is living the dream and also making an earnings in regards to millions. After analysis around his net worth and also exactly how he started his career, you’ll have actually no doubt that people in the internet civilization can actually make an excellent fortune and even rotate right into a millionaire.

Jacob’s main source of income is from his music career. He provides a great fortune by releasing hit singles, marketing his music, and also going on tours.

Jacob Sartorius Bio and Personal Info

Net Worth:$3 million
Real Name:Rolf Jacob Sartorius
Age:18 years old
Birthday:October 2, 2002
Born In:Oklahoma, United States
Height:5.6 feet / 1.73 m
Live In:He live through his paleas in Virginia
Girlfriend:2017: Millie Bobby Brown2017: Jenna Ortega
Parents:Father: Rolf SartoriusMother: Pat Sartorius

All the way from Oklahoma, US, Jacob Sartorius is a young YouTuber and musician that gained fame through social media. Jacob thrived in Reston, Virginia.

Jacob uncovered his interemainder in music and perdeveloping at the young age of simply salso. However, because of this, he was bullied a lot.

All the bullying encouraged him to uppack his first-ever before video virtual in 2014. He uploaded a video on anti-bullying on the Vine platdevelop, which went viral. This marked his enattempt right into the people of social media. Jacob started posting his videos on a regular basis on Vine and got more popularity on the application.


Other than YouTube, Jacob provides loads of additional income through his assorted social media accounts. You currently recognize that Jacob has actually a whopping complete of over 9 million followers on Instagram alone, making him among the a lot of involved Instagram account worldwide.

Not just that, but he has actually a crazy followers base on Musical.ly via more than 14 million followers. Also, in 2016, after he released his initially single, Jacob was one of the height 10 the majority of search musicians on Google. He has actually also received the title of “fifth most involved user on Twitter.”

Althe majority of eexceptionally month, Jacob receives a number of endorsement deals and sponsorships from numerous leading and also worldwide brands. These brands sell attractive amounts of money for product placement.


no one knows precisely if he is in a connection via someone at the minute, in March 2020 Baby Ariel stated that she was just friends with Jacob sartorius.

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He has an approximated annual revenue of $180k from YouTube advertisements alone and also approximately $23k for every short article he uplots on TikTok.