Corona is taken into consideration among the best-known beer brands in the human being, and its flagship is Corona Extra. This beer tops the US list once it pertains to best-selling imports.

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Corona has been unavoidable its beer given that 1925 in Mexico, however it just debuted in the US in 1981. With smart marketing, Corona Extra conveniently became among the Amerideserve to drinkers’ favorite beers.

Don’t Foracquire the Lime

When you order a bottle of Corona Extra, it frequently comes through a lime wedge that the server stuffs in the neck, and also no one really knows why. Tright here is a couple of rumors on the requirement of serving the beer through the lime wedge. Some say it’s provided to kill germs, clean the bottle’s tip, mask the skunky beer taste, or shoo ameans flies.

Some civilization think it was just a marketing ploy. If it is, it worked well and made Corona Extra famous. Whatever the reason is, the tradition of stuffing a lime wedge right into this Mexihave the right to beer’s neck has actually stuck, literally and permanently.

The Corona Extra Taste

According to Corona’s website, they’re currently the 5thbest-marketing beer brand also in the human being. Obviously, the controversial wedge of lime plays a significant part in the beer’s fame. If you’re offered to flavormuch less or light American lager, you’ll be undoubtedly intrigued as soon as offered via a limeade that’s actually a beer.

Without the lime, though, Corona Extra is simply prefer any type of typical Amerihave the right to beer. It has actually a very clear, pale straw shade and pours through a medium white head. Corona has a subtle nose with bare ideas of hops.

Corona Beer Prices

Corona beer is presently accessible in 5 variants – Extra, Light, Premier, Familiar, and also Refresca. Here are their prices on average.

Corona Extra - With a smooth, refreshing taste perfectly well balanced in between lighter local beers and stronger European imports, Corona added is a well-adjusted beer through aromas of honey and also fruit plus clues of malt. It has a clean and also crisp flavor as a result of the perfect combicountry of malt and also hops, offering it an excellent taste profile.

Prices: 6 pack, 12 fl oz cans, 9.2 proof - $8.5; 12 pack, 12 fl oz cans, 9.2 proof ($13.5); 6 pack, 12 fl oz bottles, 9.2 proof ($8); 12 pack, 12 fl oz bottles, 9.2 proof ($13.5); 18 pack, 12 fl oz bottles, 9.2 proof ($19); 24 load, 12 fl oz bottles, 9.2 proof ($24)

Corona Light - A pilsner-kind lager with a taste that is refreshing as a result of outstandingly brewed light flavor linked through a clean, crisp complete. The Corona Light is the perfect brew for those that seek a light beer but desire a full flavor, many thanks to the characteristic hop flavor and also the pleasing aroma of fruit and honey. Corona Light pairs well with citrus-infused and also spicy dishes bereason it’s normally easy to drink.

Price: 12 fill, 12 fl oz bottles, 8 proof ($13.5)

Corona Premier - If you’re looking for that light beer and premium low-carb suffer, the Corona Premier is simply perfect. It’s the many potable and also smoothest Corona variant as a result of its even-bodied feel and crisp, polished flavor. Each 12 fl oz bottle of Corona Premier just has actually 90 calories and 2.6 grams of carbohydprices, making it the perfect brew for sharing with your guests, casual entertaining, or a ‘self-reward’ after a tough day’s occupational.

Price: 12 pack, 12 fl oz bottles, 8 proof ($13.5)

Corona Familiar - Possessing the crisp, bideal taste that Corona is famous for however better alcohol content and also a bit fuller flavor, Corona Familiar pays respect to the brand’s heritage and authenticity. This beer is the one you need to serve during tiny gatherings with family members and also friends.

Price: 12 pack, 12 fl oz bottles, 9.6 proof ($13.5)

Corona Refresca - Imagine the tropical fruits of Mexico blended via Corona beer. That’s what you gain via the Corona Refresca, accessible in Coconut Lime, Guava Lime, and Passionfruit Lime. Let the tropics pertained to you with this tropical, bideal drink through organic fruit flavors and also just 4.5% alcohol content.

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Price: 12 fill, 12 fl oz cans, 9 proof ($13.5)

Common Corona Beer Prices List

TypeSizeAvg PriceProof
6pk - 12oz Cans$8.509.2
12pk - 12oz Cans$13.509.2
Corona Extra6pk - 12oz Bottle$89.2
12pk - 12oz Bottle$13.509.2
18pk - 12oz Bottle$199.2
24pk - 12oz Bottle$249.2
Corona Light12pk - 12oz Bottle$13.508
Corona premier12pk - 12oz Bottle$13.508
Corona Familiar12pk - 12oz Bottle$13.509.6
Corona Refresca Variety Pack12pk - 12oz Cans$199

Corona Beer Usual Recipes

Corona Beer is a top-seller imported beer in the US so there’s no wonder why most Corona-based drinks have been concocted anywhere the country. Here’s a couple of cocktails you can attempt.