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Pound Sterling
United States Dollar
The British pound sterling which frequently dubbed the pound is the main money of the UK. Pound is the fourth many traded currency in the international exadjust industry and also is also the third many organized reserve money in worldwide reserves. -- The U.S. Dollar is an official currency of United Amerideserve to, and also it is also the money most supplied in international transactions. Tright here is several countries usage U.S. Dollar as their main currency.
GBPUSDGBPUSD1 GBP =1.376 USD0.72674 GBP =1 USD2 GBP =2.752 USD1.45348 GBP =1 USD5 GBP =6.88 USD3.6337 GBP =1 USD10 GBP =13.76 USD7.2674 GBP =1 USD20 GBP =27.52 USD14.5348 GBP =1 USD25 GBP =34.4 USD18.1685 GBP =1 USD50 GBP =68.8 USD36.337 GBP =1 USD100 GBP =137.6 USD72.674 GBP =1 USD1000 GBP =1376 USD726.74 GBP =1 USD

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