Have you conserved sufficient money for this year’s KCON Japan? Check out their ticket prices.

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The KCON 2020 Japan has announced its ticket prices for this year’s convention. Other than convention tickets, tbelow are several distinct tickets to select from – Concert tickets and also Meet and Greet passes.

Concert Tickets

There are 2 forms of concert tickets, 1-Day ticket and also 3-Day ticket, available for purchase. Both tickets are entitled for an entrance for the convention and also for the M Countdown concert.

All seats are booked and also for the 3-day ticket holders, they will certainly be getting the exact same seats for the rest of the occasion days. All concert seats are made a decision via lottery.

A 3-Day ticket prices 31,950 JPY consisting of taxation fees while a 1-Day ticket costs 12,950 JPY with taxation inclusions as well.

At the entrance, each ticket holder will certainly be gaining a wristband also. For those that will certainly be attfinishing the 3-day event, the wristband also provided in the initially day is great for the totality duration of the occasion. Be reminded that the ticket and the wristband also are needed for the entrance of M Countdown.

Meet & Greet Passes

Tbelow are two kinds of Meet and also Greet passes: Meet & Greet ticket and also Meet & Greet 1-day pass.

Both tickets execute not serve as passes for the convention. Participants have the right to just enter the designated exhibition halls for the corresponding activities.

Many of the Meet & Greet participating occasions are hosted in between 10:15 and also 16:30 of the day, yet schedules are often altering. Also, there is a chance to participate in any distinct events and also red carpet tasks, yet it will certainly be by lottery.

The Meet & Greet 1-Day Pass holders can participate in all booked artists engagement session for that selected day. These kind of ticket holders will be accommodated first before the Meet & Greet ticket purchasers.

While, the Meet & Greet ticket have the right to just participate on the activities of your chosen artist. The ticket holders will certainly enter after calling all the Meet and Greet 1-Day Pass holders.

A Meet & Greet 1-Day Pass prices 12,950 JPY (taxes included) while a Meet & Greet ticket prices 4,950 JPY (tax included).

Ticketing days and also the lineup of the participating artists and also celebrities will certainly be announced soon. Visit KCON Japan’s official website and also official twitter for even more updates.


KCON is the greatest annual Korean cultural convention organized all over the human being. Due to the fact that 2012, it began through the aim to increase awareness about Korea and also its culture via showcasing music, fashion, beauty, food, and entertainment.

KCON 2020 Japan will certainly be happening on April 3-5 at Makuhari Messe Internationwide Exhibition Hall.

Source: KCON Japan Official Website | KCON Japan Official Twitter Page

Photograph credit: KCON Japan

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