How a lot does a Dental Assistant make in Oregon? The average Dental Assistant salary in Oregon is $48,320 ( $23.23 per hour) as of 2020, however the selection typically falls between $42,970 and $53,800. Dental Assistant salary arrays can vary widely depending upon many essential determinants, consisting of education, certifications, additional skills, and also years of endure.

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Average Dental Assistant salary by metro-area

CityEmployed Dental AssistantsTypical Hourly WageMedian Annual Salary
Albany, OR100$23.55$48,990
Redmond, OR280$23.97$49,870
Corvallis, OR80$21.46$44,630
Eugene, OR400$23.23$48,320
Grants Pass, OR100$20.81$43,290
Medford, OR370$21.10$43,880
Portland also, OR2,800$23.97$49,860
Salem, OR480$22.53$46,860




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