Is "lustrum" (pl. lustra) an understandable (say, at leastern in scholastic publications) or valid/prevalent term for a five year expectancy, e.g. to usage in a table summarizing information wright here room can be extremely valuable? In various other words:

Is "lustrum" archaic?Is "pentad" an alternative?


This webwebsite states the last lustrum was organized in a.d. 74 by Vespasian. So I would certainly say, no, lustrum is not the word you"re in search of. Pentad is not in some dictionaries, and the one I discovered that does have it specifies it as "a group of five". So that"s not the word you"re in search of, either. I would certainly suggest

5 yr span

if you"re trying to squeeze it right into as short a space as possible. Quinquennium does mean what you want it to, yet it"s rather rare and also fairly long.

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Words you are in search of is "demi-decade".

Somebody sent out me a message saying that world likely necessary a citation to a dictionary or the prefer to validate my response in some unspecified means. I"m not sure I understand that, as the unavoidable good sense of the response appears to me to be fairly self-evident.

Nonetheless, if any kind of of you feels the require for additional "authority" from Captain Obvious, please consult the language dictionary of your option to check out that "demi" suggests half (as in "demisemiquaver", from the Latin "dimidius", which means to be "cut in half/via the middle"), and also "decade" indicates ten years.

You perform the math...


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