I think the strength of these questions is that tbelow is no factor to answer them untruthfully because you would have no concept what the "correct" answer is.

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Obviously Gabriel's answer was suspicious. An oddly high variety of human kills would certainly additionally be suspect.

If you were put on the spot and had actually to answer what you thought the team wanted to hear, what would you say? What is a good answer to this question?


"We wouldn't be having actually this conversation if I hadn't"

I think component of the questions is to see if you kept count of the walkers killed. This would present either a guilt or lack of willingness to kill them or you have actually eliminated so little you still have a count. Kind of the exact same for the civilization however oposite, you desire them to store the count instead of not.

damn, that answer have to obtain you a seat on the council. particularly if you answer it that means immediately

Walkers: I don't count. People: (Whatever number) Why: They endangered my family members and also / or friends or tried to kill us.

I think that's probably the ideal answer. This would display that you understand also what walkers are, and also are all set to swiftly dispatch them. It would certainly show that you're conscious of just how dangerous human being are, and how mankind has adjusted.

Clearly it relies on what you have seen and also been through... That being sassist. Somepoint choose, "I don't understand." Then you provide a good pause thinking of the ones you have killed that were still living. Many were adversary, some were friends and family members at the begin. Here your answer doesnt matter. He is searching for facial and body language. As for why. You had actually to in order to survive. Obviously.

Or, go beastern mode and tell him to mind his own fucking business amd bring on through your life.

The point of the questions is not entirely the numbers or the reason why you had to kill world. It's how you act while giving the answers. I think that, no issue your answers, the person asking the concerns is judging whether you are truthful or not. Sure, they want to recognize whether you will present hesitation in killing walkers, and also if you will certainly kill a perkid if vital, yet whether or not you are lying is a much more vital piece of information going forward.

Number of walkers really isn't that significant of a deal anyeven more. Probably simply say something choose "I lost count a long time ago" or the choose.

Number of world you have actually killed could be tricky though. Unmuch less you think you have the right to effectively convince him that you've never ran right into anyone or simply avoided civilization, it's finest to give a certain number choose 2 or 3.

Why is easy. Just offer some tale on just how you obtained assaulted by some random dude and also had to put him down. You could likewise use the whole "dude was dying and wanted me to mercy kill him".

None. They were dead when I found them, I simply put'em to remainder. A few dozen, probably a hundred.

None, yet.

Haven't been required to. Yet. I'll keep it that way as long as I can, however I won't hesitate to defend myself and also those I care for against someone that doesn't leave me an option.

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(These answers work whether or not they are the truth)

Honestly, I would just tell the reality. Tright here is no suggest lying to a potential brand-new group unless you are a psycho that murdered human being for fun.

As we've seen, eexceptionally antagonist in this present believes they are doing the right thing? let's say this question was asked by another team and also prior Antagonist were still alive. How would Merle, Shane, Randall's group, The Governor, Joe, or the Termites answer this question?