Awhile back a frifinish and I were chatting around his basement reno and just how he was installing new stairs. He was switching from two sets of stairs and a landing to one long trip of stairs. He asked me how many kind of procedures were in a flight of stairs.

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In a typical home through 8-foot walls, a trip of stairs has actually between 13 – 15 procedures. A house with 9’ ceilings will need 15 – 17 actions. Homes through 10’ ceilings will certainly need 17 – 19 actions. A maximum rise of 7 ¾” per action is permissible, according to the IRC.

It is necessary to remember that a trip of stairs is one unbroken set of stairs. Stairs that have actually a landing, then proceed dvery own at a 90-degree angle in an L-shape are not thought about a “flight” of stairs.

In this write-up, we’ll dig deeper and talk around typical lengths and also heights of a traditional set of stairs. Tright here is no conventional variety of stairs compelled by code. On the other hand, some regulations need to be complied with in regards to stair climb and run. These offer us a clear idea of the variety of actions you’ll need in a trip.


A trip of stairs, by meaning, is a collection of stairs of the very same climb and run per treview, without a landing or any type of various other feature that interrupts the stairs. A flight of stairs can be any kind or style as lengthy as it is uniform and also uninterrupted.

The expression “flight of stairs” derives from, to the ideal of our knowledge, an old French phrase that meant “to fly up stairs” going back numerous years. The word “flight” indicates that one have the right to ascend or descfinish stairs quickly without interruption.

Tbelow is sometimes confusion regarding stairs and steps, as we don’t say “flight of steps”. Steps refer to either a solitary step on a trip of stairs or are even more generally provided to reference outdoor stairs. When referring to a set of procedures indoors, we use the term “stairs”.

Benefits of a Flight of Stairs

One flight of stairs deserve to conserve area in a home and also can also be visually appealing to the aesthetic of the home, as lengthy, straight lines make for pleasing sightlines in a space.

It is traditional for residences to have either in between 8’ and also 10’ ceilings, with 8’ being the many common. Unmuch less you have actually a split-level home, residences through ceilings of these heights will practically always have at least one trip of stairs.

Flights of stairs are even more prevalent simply because there isn’t the space to have a landing in a traditional house, and also there isn’t a requirement. While lengthy stairinstances might require landings because of room constraints, these are often only uncovered in frameworks with even more distance between floors.

While one right run – or flight – of stairs could be preferable, it simply could not be feasible in your residence. You may need to usage a landing, and also if so, you would certainly then have 2 sepaprice “flights” of stairs rather of one.

A trip of stairs have the right to be a showitem in your residence, especially if you opt for floating stairs or nicely finiburned hardlumber treads. The unidevelop aesthetic merged through distinctive end up details have the right to make a trip of stairs a showpiece. Breaking up a nicely finished flight of stairs via a landing does not have actually a distinctive aesthetic.

How Many kind of Steps In A Flight Of Stairs?

A flight of stairs in a home via 8’ ceilings will have 14 actions if the increase of each step is 7 ¾”. If ceilings are 9’, then a flight of stairs will certainly have 16 steps through the exact same stair climb elevation. 10’ ceilings will have 17 measures.

There are several methods to calculate the number of actions you’ll need, yet the simplest is to take the complete ceiling elevation, including the width of the joists sustaining the floor above and the thickness of the subfloor.

Number of Steps for 8’ Ceilings

For example, your residence has actually 8’ ceilings, through 10” wide joists supporting the floor over. 10” wide joists are 9 ¼” wide. You also have actually 3/4” subfloor on optimal of those joists. As such the total increase from the bottom to the height floor of your trip of stairs is 8’ 10”. Convert that full right into inches to get 106”.

We’ll usage the maximum allowed stair increase per the IRC which is 7 ¾”. Divide 106” by 7.75 and you gain 13.7. Therefore, you will certainly require 14 measures.

Divide 106” by 14 to find the rise per each action and you get 7.6, or about 7 9/16” climb per step.

Number of Steps for 9’ Ceilings

For dwellings via 9’ ceilings, your complete rise for a flight of stairs will be 118”, using the very same dimensions for the joists and also subfloor as the previous instance.

Divide 118” by 7 ¾” and you acquire 15.2. With stairs, you cannot sindicate round down to 15 if you want fewer steps. If you did that, then you’d end up via a last step of around 4”, which would be awkward and also dangerous. You need to round up and change the climb of each step appropriately.

A trip of stairs for homes via 9’ ceilings will need 16 measures. To discover out the rise of each step, divide 118” by 16. You get 7.4 inches, which is practically 7 7/16”. Hence, you end up through 16 procedures at just under 7 ½” high per action.

Number of Steps for 10’ Ceilings

Using the exact same dimensions as over, with 10” wide joists and 3/4” subfloor, then you end up through a complete increase of 130”. Divide it by 7 ¾” and also you obtain 16.8 – which means you’ll need 17 measures.

A trip of stairs in a residence through 10’ ceilings will certainly need 17 actions, minimum. To discover the increase of each action, divide 130” by 17. Each step will be about 7.7” high, or 7 11/16” high.

What Is the Minimum Number of Steps in One Flight?

One trip of stairs has actually no specific meaning beyond an unbroken collection of stairs without a landing or various other interruption. Therefore, tright here is no explicit minimum variety of procedures in one flight of stairs according to the structure code.

The structure code says that the maximum riser elevation is 7.75”, which ensures you have actually sufficient procedures for a safe trip of stairs. Knowing this number, we can figure out a minimum number of steps permitted for one flight of stairs.

For example, the IRC dictates that there cannot be more than 12’ of vertical increase in between floors or landings. Because of this, for that distance, what is the minimum variety of measures you have the right to have? Let’s calculate.

To calculate the minimum variety of stairs for a vertical climb of 12’, first convert 12’ right into inches – 144”. Then, divide 144” by 7.75”, which amounts to 18.5.

Therefore, you cannot have actually much less than 19 steps for a 12’ vertical rise. After 19 measures, the stairs have to terminate at the following floor, or you must have actually a landing before actions deserve to continue.

For any kind of other vertical span, such as 9’ or 10’, convert to inches and divide by 7.75 to identify the minimum number of measures for that vertical span.

Maximum Number of Steps in a Flight of Stairs

Tright here is a maximum variety of steps per trip of stairs. According to the IBC, the minimum riser height is 4”. A riser any type of shorter than 4” can risk the security of those using the stairs; therefore we save risers in between 4” and 7 ¾”.

To determine the maximum variety of steps in a flight of stairs, we’ll usage a 12’ vertical increase to determine the max amount of steps enabled for that amount of height.

First, we’ll transform 12’ to inches, which is 144”. Next, we’ll divide 144” by 4”, and also we acquire 36. Thus, the maximum amount of steps you are permitted for a flight of stairs spanning a 12’ vertical distance is 36 steps.

How Long is a Flight of Stairs?

The length of stairs have the right to differ commonly considering that treview depths frequently watch a broader variance than riser height. Due to the fact that vertical drop is more of a safety worry per action than tread depth, home builders and DIYers regularly manipulate tread depth to fit horizontal space.

The minimum treview depth of a residential action is 10”. Each tread need to have actually a nosing that is at least ¾” beyond the front edge of the action and no even more than 1 ½”. Tbelow is no maximum treview length.

Calculating the length of a flight of stairs entails understanding the depth of your tcheck out and the size of the stair tread nosing. Minimum treview nosing is ¾”. Therefore, if you have 10” treads, subtract ¾” for true horizontal expectations – so, 9.25”

Length of Stairinstance for 8-Foot Ceiling

A residence with 8’ ceilings needs 14 steps, at a minimum. Multiply 14 and also 9.25 and you gain 130” of horizontal run. A tcheck out depth of 10” plus a nosing would bring about a size of about 140”, which is a prevalent length for stairs in a home through 8’ ceilings.

The conventional dimension of stairs for a stair rise and tcheck out on a trip of residential stairs is 7”/11”, or 7” of rise by 11” of run. Stairs via treads of 11” in a house via 8’ ceilings would have actually a full size of 154”.

How Long Is a Stairsituation for 9 Foot Ceilings?

A trip of stairs in a home via 9’ ceilings requires 16 procedures. If each treview is 11” deep, then the total size of the staircase will be 176”. A tcheck out depth of 10” will bring about a minimum length of 160”.

Length of Stairinstance for a 10 Foot Ceiling

A stairsituation in a house with 10’ ceilings requires 17 measures. Stairs that have a treview depth of 11” will certainly have a complete length of 187”. Stairs with a treview depth of 10” will certainly have a total length of 170”, which is the minimum size.

Maximum Length of a Flight of Stairs

Tright here is no maximum size for a flight of stairs, as the structure code does not state a minimum riser height. However before, you cannot have a flight of stairs that spans more than 12’ in vertical size.

Secondly, a flight of stairs must terminate in a landing that is at leastern 36” long. As such, a trip of procedures cannot span the whole of a wall surface, as room have to be provided for the stairs to terminate. So your stairs are constrained by the overall dimensions of the residence and also code limitations for stair landings.

How Tall is a Flight of Stairs?

A flight of stairs is normally the elevation of the ceiling plus the framing and also subfloor of the floor over wbelow the stairs terminate. In an area with 8’ ceilings, a flight of stairs is everywhere from 8’ 8” to simply over 9’ high.

Homes via ceilings that are 9’ or 10’ will certainly have actually stairs that are either 10’ or 11’, respectively. Again, the actual elevation depends on the floor framing and, to a lesser degree, the subfloor on the height floor.

To calculate stair height, take the ceiling height and also include the width of the joists that frame the floor wright here the elevation of the stairs terminate. Normally this is either 8”, 10”, or 12” dimensional hardwood. Then you need to include the thickness of the subfloor – usually in between ½” and also ¾”.

Many stairs are framed during construction and also are calculated without the complete floor in area, which is why we just calculate the subfloor in our calculations.

The landing at the optimal of a trip of stairs does not count as a stair “tread”. Tright here is constantly one more riser than stair tcheck out because a trip of stairs begins via a riser and ends with a riser.


When considering the number of steps in a flight of stairs, remember that discovering your neighborhood building code is crucial. Universal structure code states that 10” is the minimum treview depth and also 7 ¾” is the maximum riser height. Knowing these measurements is an excellent begin in structure a safe, code-compliant flight of stairs.

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You have actually numerous options as soon as it concerns varying your flight of stairs. You deserve to usage an L-shape design with landings or a spiral stairsituation to maximize space. If choosing a spiral stairsituation, remember they have an extra collection of code requirements you need to follow.

I wish you luck through your next stair task. Remember to always work-related safely and meacertain twice. If you still aren’t certain, then consult a professional – happy building!