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Gummy bears are definitely stvariety looking, and cocoa eggs are hardly seasonal for Halloween, yet the oddest candy here is certainly the kernel-shaped candy corn. There are two eggs and four each of the gummies and also pumpkin candy corns (all also numbers) while there is just one kernel candy corn (an odd number).


2. This question would be a lot simpler if it was written: Which coffee is “faced” backwards? Get it now? “Decaf” is the word “faced” created in reverse.


3. While VHS and also cassette tapes are out of day, they will certainly still most likely play your movies and also music if you have the best equipment. One type of tape that will never make noise is the duct tape on the cardboard box.


4. Tbelow are five eyes in this picture: The eye of Hurricane Irene, two eyes on meteorologist Meg Meyers-Reyes’s face, and also 2 in her name also (Meyers-Reyes).



6. No must tally up the postage: In this puzzle, the stamps are a red herring. Chris Hollar from North Hollytimber, California, is listed as the recipient and also sender of the peak letter.

7. Like many kind of of the puzzles, the trick is in the wording of the question. It doesn’t ask you to pick the “lady” via the most teeth, however rather “the one.” The comb has actually even more teeth than any kind of of the smiling beauties. 


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You can go crazy trying to decipher just how these folders are organized (they’re not alphabetical or color-coded), and to little avail. The answer is folder B, bereason that’s the just letter not in the word “order.” 

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