I read in some forum that players deserve to just equip one exotic item at a time. Is this true? And what happens if you attempt to equip two?


You deserve to equip two exotic items: one weapon and one armor.

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Whenever before you have an exotic weapon equipped, other exotic weapons in your inventory will appear disabled (dark yellow) and you"re unable to equip them until you unequip the one you have actually equipped.

The exact same holds for exotic armor items, other exotic armor items will show up with the exact same dark yellow cast and also you will certainly be unable to equip them.

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Nope only one weapon and one armor. So pick and pick. Just bereason you can buy one item of exotic gear doesn"t suppose it"s worth it, you may desire to wait to uncover or buy a piece that suits your play style and also compliments your guns and armor. Trust me I learned the difficult way


Only 1 "Exotic" Piece of armor and also 1 "Exotic" Weapon have the right to be equipped at a time. My advice is to get the rassist gear which are legendary however identical to the exotic equipment you may desire.


You have the right to. You put it in the vault and also then open character, save it, then take it back out and also try to equip it conveniently. It doesn"t constantly work though.

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