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Here you have the right to convert the Unit of length Light year right into the unit Astronomical unit and also vice versa you deserve to transform Astronomical unit right into Light year.By clicking the "Swap units" icon, you will constantly attain the desired conversion in the calculation result, i.e., ly to AU or AU to ly. With the complying with calculator you have the right to likewise calculate any various other Unit of size.

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Info around "Light year"

A light-year describes the distance of light (in a vacuum) within one year. There are different meanings for a year (Gregorian year, tropical year, Julian year etc.), therefore the Julian year (365.25 days) was used as a definition for the light year. A light-year is converted to 9,460,730,472,580.8 kilometres, roughly 9.5 trillion km. For instance, the Milky Way is 100,000 light-years long because distance is tough to meacertain in kilometers.

Info about "Astronomical unit"

The expensive unit (AU) is a unit of size in astronomy. By definition, the AU is 149,597,870,700 meters lengthy, which is practically the average distance in between the Earth and also Sun.

Apart from the light-year and the parsec, the huge unit is one of the many essential expensive units of size. AU has been extremely vital in background bereason the majority of measurements were perdeveloped using AU and also not meters. In 2012, the convariation between huge systems and also meters is precisely calculated and also AU is no longer an benefit.

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However before, the distance in the Solar System is still frequently stated in AU because of its even more useful values.

Basis for convariation Light year (ly) to Astronomical unit (AU) and also vice versa

The abbreviation for the "Unit of size Light year" is ly.The abbreviation for the "Unit of length Astronomical unit" is AU.

Formula for the conversion of Light year (ly) to Astronomical unit (AU) and also vice versa

The calculation from Light year to Astronomical unit shall be made making use of the complying with convariation formula:

Convariation formula Light year to Astronomical unit

Determine the variety of Astronomical unit from Light year

Light year × 63241.077084266

Formula for the convariation of Astronomical unit (AU) to Light year (ly)

The calculation from Astronomical unit to Light year shall be made using the adhering to convariation formula:

Conversion formula Astronomical unit to Light year

Determine the number of Light year from Astronomical unit

Astronomical unit × 1.5812507409821E-5

Outline table: How many kind of Light year are exactly how many Astronomical unit?

Light year ly ⇒ Astronomical unit AU
0.02lyare1 264.82154AU
0.03lyare1 897.23231AU
0.04lyare2 529.64308AU
0.05lyare3 162.05385AU
0.06lyare3 794.46462AU
0.07lyare4 426.87539AU
0.08lyare5 059.28616AU
0.09lyare5 691.69693AU
0.10lyare6 324.10770AU
0.20lyare12 648.21541AU
0.30lyare18 972.32312AU
0.40lyare25 296.43083AU
0.50lyare31 620.53854AU
0.60lyare37 944.64625AU
0.70lyare44 268.75395AU
0.80lyare50 592.86166AU
0.90lyare56 916.96937AU
1lycoincides to63 241.07708AU
2lyare126 482.15416AU
3lyare189 723.23125AU
4lyare252 964.30833AU
5lyare316 205.38542AU
6lyare379 446.46250AU
7lyare442 687.53959AU
8lyare505 928.61667AU
9lyare569 169.69375AU
10lyare632 410.77084AU
20lyare1 264 821.54168AU
30lyare1 897 232.31252AU
40lyare2 529 643.08337AU
50lyare3 162 053.85421AU
60lyare3 794 464.62505AU
70lyare4 426 875.39589AU
80lyare5 059 286.16674AU
90lyare5 691 696.93758AU
100lyare6 324 107.70842AU
200lyare12 648 215.41685AU
300lyare18 972 323.12528AU
400lyare25 296 430.83370AU
500lyare31 620 538.54213AU
600lyare37 944 646.25056AU
700lyare44 268 753.95898AU
800lyare50 592 861.66741AU
900lyare56 916 969.37583AU
1 000lyare63 241 077.08426AU

Overview table: How many Astronomical unit are how many type of Light year?