Jessica is 65 in. tall and casts a shadow along the ground. A ideal triangle is formed between the top of Jessica"s head, the bottom of Jessica"s feet, and the finish of Jessica"s shadow. The angle formed at the end of her shadow is 40°.How long is her shadow?

Draw a diagram and usage trigonometry. Jessica"s elevation is one leg of the best triangle and is oppowebsite the angle created at the end of her shadow. We are told that this angle is 40°. What we must uncover is the size of her shadow, which is the other leg of the ideal triangle, namely the base. We have the right to use a trig proportion to do this.

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The difficulty does cite Jessica"s feet, however it provides her height in inches. So, PLZ be cautious -- devices are incredibly important!

Hi Kc, the tangent of an angle is the opposite side / nearby side. Here the angle is 40 levels. Let x reexisting the length of Jessica"s shadow.
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