Bungie promised penalties for Crucible quitters when they began talking about big-image Destiny 2 fixes late last year, and it looks prefer the game’s next update will be the one to lastly put that device in area.

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Keep up with all the Destiny 2 patches, updays, and DLC right here.

The new mechanism will concern 30 minute suspensions for “habitual quitters” in the Competitive playlist. Bungie say that “leaving a enhance beforehand for any kind of factor, from imappropriate netoccupational settings to an idle time-out while obtaining the door for a food shipment, can bring about a temporary restriction.”

One of the core issues through Crucible – bring about many quitting – was that all settings are merged under a solitary playlist, definition that if you weren’t a fan of a specific mode you can still be stuck in it depending on just how the rotation goes. Both strike and Crucible playlists will certainly currently have “repeat reduction” to assist ensure players don’t watch the exact same maps over and also over.

There are likewise a brand-new set of protection meacertain going into area to help detect and punish cheaters, but “bereason defense is a pretty hush-hush topic, we can’t go into the details of what is changing.” Bungie do say this update will make action versus cheaters speedier, yet, and further protection updates will come as component of the 1.2.0 upday.

The update will certainly better include even more distinctive rewards for Nightloss tasks, through a opportunity for the items to drop on completion. Challenge Card modifiers can assist to earn this loot, yet it still “might take many type of attempts to get a drop, as they are meant to be rare rewards.” Bungie are letting players see the brand-new loot for themselves in-game, so tbelow aren’t any kind of previews of what to intend.

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All these changes are set to go live in update 1.1.4 on March 27.

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Published: Mar 23, 2018

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