Many type of world that want to book an Afrideserve to Safari from The golden state or New York have questions about just how long it will certainly take to acquire tbelow, and also if they need recoexceptionally time when they arrive.

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While we perform everything we can to make your Afrideserve to Safari adendeavor remarkable, one thing we can’t change is the trip size and the jet lag. But we deserve to aid you prepare and make the a lot of of the journey alengthy the way.

How lengthy is the trip to Africa?

Getting to Africa from the US will certainly take you a whole day. The actual flights differ from 15 hrs approximately 21 hrs, depending on where your journey starts from.

Tright here are a couple of various flight courses we choose to suggest, depending upon your airline choices or if you have actually airline miles or award points you can leverage).

Direct flight from Atlanta or New York to Johannesburg takes about 15 hours.

If you choose to attach with Europe, the trip from LAX to Europe is roughly 11 hours. Then the next leg to Johannesburg is around 10-11 hours.


Travel to Africa by means of Europe

But the excellent news about two lengthy flights is that is you deserve to break up the expedition and also view some wonderful nations along the way!

Many of our Afrihave the right to Safari tour guests select to have a long layover in Europe. For instance, you deserve to spend the entirety day in Paris touring approximately, check out the city sights, carry out some shopping and also reap a delicious Parisian dinner all before heading ago to the airport for your following flight.

If you aren’t up for leaving the airport, the company class lounges additionally have spas and showers to relax and freshen up prior to the next trip.


How long should you remain in Africa?

Due to the fact that it takes a totality day to get tright here, and then one more day or so to acquire via the jetlag, we typically recommfinish at least 10 days in Africa.

In our opinion, 2+ weeks is a good size of time to visit a few countries and also not feel rumelted. If you desire to look at a multi-nation experience, then 2 weeks in Africa is a good amount of time to suffer a lot.

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Are you considering a visit to Africa for a Safari? Then look no further than Ubuntu Travel. We have the right to assist you choose the Afrihave the right to Safari Adventure that suits your demands and desires. Speak through us today to arrangement your ultimate African getameans.