One could say I have actually an obsession through myself, though not in a means that allows me to relocate through the human being feeling specifically at ease via what nature has bestowed upon me. Rather, I’m in a constant state of self-change. Much like a therapist unable to take her very own advice, I check out others—large noses, tiny noses, fine hair, coarse hair, curvy bodies, lanky bodies—and fixate on, and often envy, their striking brand of beauty. When it concerns myself, though, well enough is hardly ever left alone.

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Until a couple of years ago, my commitment to vanity was pudepend surface—keratin treatments, at-home dermaplaning, hot devices, serums, supplements, Swiss Kriss laxative facials—I’d never before gone under the knife, experimented through dermal fillers, or invested any type of legit money on one single change. Not bereason I’m opposed (I come from a household of proud plastic-surgical procedure advocates), however bereason it never emerged to me that I didn’t have to wait till I was 60 and then obtain the full lift—that I could make tiny tweaks along the method.

I concerned emphasis on my lips because—truthfully—I was hyperconscious of a certain conventional of beauty that started to pervade and also overtake renowned society, and I found myself hoovered right in. With eexceptionally Insta girl that I upward-scrolled past, the even more my confront began to seem too pedestrian, also uneventful, also earnestly herbal. Big, pillowy, fake-looking lips were all over, even on girls practically 2 decades younger than me, and also I wanted in.

In the year that adhered to, I gained lip injections twice, by 2 different board-certified physicians. The initially time, I was acutely disappointed—I saw a buzzy, fancy exercise that some of my beauty-editor friends frequent—and felt as though I’d taken $900 and tossed it to the wind, Samantha Jones–style. The doctor asked me nopoint and also seemed disengaged, and also I left feeling swindled and unhappy. Tright here was no difference, and I was told I could pay for more if I wanted to view one.

By the time I visited physician number two—Michele Environment-friendly, M.D., a New York–based dermatologist and RealSelf contributor—I realized the initially round can have been even more successful if I’d been assertive about what I wanted. I told Eco-friendly best amethod that I wanted to watch a noticeable distinction, and she spent time both studying my face and asking me questions.

We decided on one syringe of Juvederm, which is what I’d had actually the year prior to, although Environment-friendly focused it all in my lips, whereas the previous medical professional offered some in the skin approximately my mouth. More on that below, and some various other vital intel I gained from Eco-friendly. If you’re thinking around lip filler, review this first so you leave through exactly what you came for.

You must prep—thoughtfully and physically.

And the initially time approximately, I did not. The initially step, according to Eco-friendly, is to decide exactly how huge you realistically want your lips—think long and also tough around whether you really desire to go from thin-lipped to Lisa Rinna in one fell swoop. It will be noticeable. “You really, really don’t want to be overfilled, and also it’s easier to have also little than as well a lot,” Eco-friendly shelp. But if you know you want to watch a real distinction right ameans, it’s on you to voice that—especially since I’ve found that most physicians choose their work-related to look hypernatural.

Physically, Environment-friendly says refraining from aspirin, Motrin, Aleve, fish oil, multivitamins, and vitamin E for about a week before your appointment, as each have the right to act as a blood thinner and add to postinjection bruising.

Leave the Kylie pic at residence.

The professional jury’s out on whether you have to carry a photo through you to your appointment. I’ve check out that some medical professionals prefer it, but others don’t. Eco-friendly is in the latter camp, likening it to bringing a photo to the hair salon—you have the right to present your stylist what you desire, but your hair kind might not accomplish it, so then you leave disappointed. “Everyone’s anatomy is various, and everyone’s has actually a different form,” she sassist. You’re better off explaining what you think you want and also letting your medical professional occupational through the configuration of your mouth to achieve it.

(Still, when I discussed the Kylie impact to Environment-friendly, she confirmed it’s quite genuine among woguys of all ages. “Everyone comes in asking for her lips,” she told me. “They all say, ‘I want lips prefer Kylie.’” Make of that what you will.)


Before Juvederm; a couple of weeks after

Each filler can attain different things.

Gone are the days once women had actually just collagen as an alternative. In its area, a range of dermal fillers have emerged that are based on hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies and also is very attracted to water and binds to moisture. Not to point out, the substance is pretty resistant to lumps and bumps—I felt a couple of best after, however they easily evened out.

Choosing a type is best left approximately the medical professional based upon your requirements, yet the smorgasbord is huge. For instance, Green states a youthful, pillowy, voluminous look is finest achieved with Juvederm, while she offers Restylane for an “I got my lips a small fuller but no one really will certainly know” vibe, many thanks to its smaller particles. For older clients, “I constantly execute Volbella, which is great to fill in lines about the challenge,” she shelp.

The Insta look doesn’t come cheap.

We’re all inundated through images of woguys with really, really significant lips, but I had actually no concept the money it takes to actually accomplish that look. The single syringeful of Juvederm we provided (1 cc) is technically much less than a teaspoon of product, however it was distributed in a method that made my outcomes even more visible than they were the first time around—yet not wildly dramatic.

When I asked Environment-friendly just how much filler the girls I see on social media obtain, she said, without hesitation, 2 to three syringes’ worth, if not more. Considering each clocks in at $400 to $1,000, depending upon area and practice—well, begin saving currently.

Filler isn’t forever.

I kind of wish it were, to be hoswarm. It depends on the formula you select, but according to Green, a lot of last six months to a year. This implies that if you love your initial outcomes, take plenty of pics because it does fade. And there’s not really a lot you can perform to expand the filler, given that everybody metabolizes differently.


After-treatment is minimal.

Postinjection, your life deserve to resume—despite some fear-mongering short articles you might uncover virtual. According to Green, the only thing you should remain ameans from is aspirin. You deserve to also toast your brand-new look with a glass or two of wine. “Some human being say you shouldn’t drink alcohol before filler because you deserve to bruise, but I haven’t watched a huge distinction after,” she said. As for ice, the doctor will put a cold pack on your lips after your filler’s been used and will certainly encourage you to use even more if you’re feeling sore, but there’s no need sit via it for hrs on finish. The genuine swelling goes dvery own in a day or two.

Anvarious other point both physicians I witnessed said that provides sense: not drinking from a straw ideal after your injections, and not sipping warm liquids—you’ll still be numb and also might burn yourself. Ouch.

Gradual pace of therapy is an choice.

Even though I’d told Green what I wanted, she still insisted on saving a little Juvederm from my syringe to add later if I wanted it. “Live through what I provided you for two weeks,” she told me. Of course, I sprinted ago for my leftovers, but if you’re feeling nervous or uncertain, ask your doctor if you can use what you paid for gradually.

Bruising counts on the perboy.

For me, tright here was light bruising that happens naturally—largely about the top of my lip, which is sensitive—however if you follow your doctor’s advice (usage ice, no Motrin, limit alcohol intake, don’t touch, and attempt to continue to be upideal or lie propped up for a few hrs after the procedure), you must be okay. That said, everyone’s body is various, so it’s hard to predict whether any bruising will certainly surface after your lip injections.

And if you’re really unhappy through the outcome?

“You go ago and have actually it liquified,” Green sassist. “All the fillers world usage now—Restylane, Belotero, Volbella, Voluma, Juvederm—they’re all hyaluronic-acid-based, so they all can disfix through hyaluronidase,” an enzyme that melts away hyaluronic acid promptly and also safely.

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Six months after I witnessed Environment-friendly, my lips still looked killer. I noticed a slight decrease in volume—completely predictable given the time framework. You have the right to probably check out it in the above photos, so I’ll likely gain an additional round shortly. I won’t be offended if you alert. In fact, I hope you perform.