"i put this shade in my hair 3 weeks aga and its is still as vivid as day 1. i would suggest to wash ur hair via the cearliest water u have the right to stand and wash as bit as feasible."

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"I''ve offered many different hair colors. This one doesn''t continue to be well. Even via very few washes and also very cold water."
"I''m able to have actually multiple colors, some of them mixed to make a various hue, which I LOVE. Also, I can have actually bright pink next to my platinum blonde and it doesn''t bleed right into my blonde once I wash it all together. It''s constantly as bappropriate as the initially time when I go over it."
"I love this product. Follow the instructions andsit under the dryer and also this shade will be incredibly tough to wash out."
"Just a warning to anyone who thinks this is gonna washout quickly it doesnt it more choose a permanent color my shade looks the exact same 6 months later on as the day i did .Eextremely shampoo my tub gets stained from just washing it out many, many many type of Shampoos later on and color is coming out stain wall surfaces like the initially day u used . otherwise it a good product minus those cons"
"ive provided this shade exclusivley for around 4 years bc nothing compares! my color remains vivid for months and actually helps repair damage. love it!"
"I was a little intimidated on buying color choose this because I had actually recently started going to the beaut y shop to get my hair colored. I uncovered myself unable to go to shop and was in despeprice should gain my pink hair earlier. I did some extensive study. After some considerable study for expert hair color and a FAILED attempt from utilizing another brand , i made a decision to offer this a try. Now I need to say, my just disappointment is that I was hoping for the pink color I had been seeing virtual, yet the shade in the tube was even more purple/pink or magenta. I have actually viewed in various other videos human being adding conditioner to dilute but I still didn't master that principle. So I went in through the color right from the tube. The consistency was impressive...thick and also well-off. It did not run. The saturation and pigmentation was additionally remarkable. My hair was fairly brief so it did not take much. the as a whole outcome was absolutely beautiful. I received so many compliments. And as for resilient, it is simply that. Being that I wear my hair herbal not chemically straightened, I don't wash shampoo my hair regularly. I have been able to get extfinished, extended wear out of my shade. and now that it is fading some, the shade is still to my liking. I will be sticking via this brand. I may buy 2-3 tubes at a time so that I never run out. I am going to be 60 years old rocking pink hair..."
"The Magenta is seriously my go to color! I change my shade pretty regularly and I always go back to the magenta. It's so pigmented and also it appears to last more than any other color I've ever had actually. I can typically go around 4-6 weeks without a reapplication through the magenta. I've also tried many the various other colors and they don't disapallude either, they don't last rather as lengthy as the magenta however they organize pretty well and also fade right into nice colors."
"I've gotta say, I absolutely love Joico period... But these colors have been my go-to for the previous 2 years."
"I've gotta say, I absolutely love Joico period... But these colors have actually been my go-to for the past 2 years."
"Been utilizing Joico Color intensity for awhile and they last super lengthy if you treat your hair well. I am co-washing my hair via silicone totally free conditioners weekly and clarifying shampoo as soon as or twice a month."
"I have used this line of direct deposit color for a couple of years currently after trying every little thing else. I am so excited this new shade was added to the line. It's a great medium blue and also is vibrant and also pops. In general all these colors mix really well and also logically (and also perform excellent things for over-processed hair too). I extremely recommfinish this line. If you have actually trouble through shade staying in, process with warm and follow via a color sealer. I discover these fade extremely nicely with no weird tones and also you deserve to let them fade all the means to pastel shades via no "worn out" look. I likewise find these bleed less than other brands and also after the first few washes, stain towels less as well. I have had actually no deliver worries to pillows, and so on."
"I absolutely love this brand I have actually had nearly eexceptionally color they make in my head and they last forever before I usage the joico eraser to switch colors and also it is just as amazing"
"This shade is absolutely remarkable. It continues to be for so many washes. It was still vibrate and as beautiful two weeks in as it was the first day. I will certainly be buying this brand also for currently on for my clients."
"I love this line, but they rerelocated yellow completely. You cant rerelocate a major color I use orange for my hair, now they removed that also. Whats following Get rid of blue and also red too Sadly, I need to switch lines bereason they cant save a simple major colorm"
"I have been utilizing this color brand also for over a year now and I will certainly never before go back, I constantly store my hair a nice vivid color and this hair been the just thing to last. Gives me the softest hair, also after lightening and also everybody claims my hair looks and also feels healthy. Color will last me well over 2 to 3 MONTHS without a touch up"
"Ive had actually the cobalt blue, magenta and amethyst in my hair for favor 3 months and also only the front of my hair has actually faded really negative fades beauticompletely though. Ive been trying to fade it much faster and also my hair is holding on to it"
"I absolutely LOVE this brand also... Its the just shade I will use. Makes my hair so soft even tho I put heat on it day-to-day. Very Vibrant and fades gorgeous too ...when it finally fades Lol"

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"On normal porosity hair , shade last a couple of months without fading. Myself and clients obtain so many compliments on the vibrancy of the color."