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Whether you"re around to film an significant stunt, your kid taking their initially actions, a video blog that will make you famous, or anypoint else, the last thing you require is for your GoPro to run out of juice in the middle of filming. It"s simple and also easy to store your GoPro batteries charged.

How you charge the battery relies on the GoPro version. This post offers the GoPro Hero 5 Babsence Edition as an example, and also the procedure is similar for many type of GoPro models. Older models, but, might charge in different ways.


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Charging With the Battery Inside the Camera

It"s straightforward to charge a GoPro battery while it"s inside the video camera. You require a cable to go from the electronic camera to either a computer system or a wall outlet.

To charge the battery from a wall outlet, you need an adapter that allows you to plug the USB cable into a traditional outlet (equivalent to what you use for a smartphone).

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USB Cables

The type of USB cable you require relies on the GoPro model. Here"s a list of cables that assorted GoPro models usage.

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