I have actually curly hair and am considering getting dreadlocks. I've just been flourishing it for around 6-7 months. When wet I have the right to straighten it out to the bottom of my ears.

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Should I grow it for one more 6 months?


I started mine after shaving my head entirely and letting every one of the hair prosper evenly for around 6 months. By that time, my hair was about 5 or 6 inches lengthy (everywhere, so in the front, hair came dvery own to around my mouth or chin, however in the back it made it look much longer...whatever is/was about the very same length though).

If you backcomb to obtain started (choose I did, my hair was rather straight though, yours will more than likely be also be simpler to occupational with), then you're probably long sufficient to give it a go. When backcombed, my hair went from being somewhat lengthy, to fairly short. I lost around 3-4 inches of length, relying on just how great of a backcomb each section acquired.

Keeping things together after that allude wasn't as well bad...but it was a tiny work at initially. I used tiny rubber bands to hold the tips together for the initially ~3 months or so, till they began to hold themselves together better. I additionally supplied wax to keep things together a little throughout this time as well (the trick to using wax, is to simply use it best...don't necessarily swear off wax simply because of horror stories you hear, but definitely, never ever before overperform it!). After around 6 months or so, I felt absolutely zero require for wax or bands.

Be all set to have actually plenty of "poor hair days" for the first 3-6 months, and be ready for the majority of human being to think your hair looks choose full shit for around one year (tright here is a delightful readjust in other people's opinion of your hair after reasonable maturity...patience :)). Remember to wash regularly (most likely a small much less in the very start, simply because they deserve to come acomponent a tiny if you're not careful), considering that reducing the amount of oil your hair has will aid it lock up better. Almethods remember to use a soap with as little leave-behind in your hair as possible...conditioners are your new foe.

I could go on for a little, particularly because I feel choose tright here is a TON of misindevelopment out tbelow around dreadlocks and also what one must or shouldn't be doing through them to treatment for them. My hoswarm recommendation, is to read whatever you have the right to gain your hands on, attempt a couple of of the points that seem choose they sound great to you, and then job-related from tbelow. As a lot shit as this will stir up in some civilization, honestly some of the finest information I've found that actually correlates to what I've proficient as "good" or "correct" deserve to be discovered on the dreadheadhq.com site. Read a bunch of their info around just how to care for your hair...the biggest exemption to this is the referral of assets like Dread Butta and also various other things I take into consideration "non-essentials". Their Lock Peppa on the various other hand, was absolutely remarkable for helping things lock up from the begin. Once you're out of your rubberband and also wax phase, the only point you must preserve fundamentally "perfect" dreadlocks is an easy latch hook. Dreadheadhq.com sells a "dreview tool" that is sindicate an overpriced latch hook...their techniques to usage it are great, but not perfect either, but a good starting suggest all the very same. This is the just thing I usage anymore, besides my hands, to control "loose hair" almost everywhere on my head (at the root, at the pointer, and I've even devised a means to pull loose hair in from everywhere along the sides of the dreads too); it keeps whatever looking groomed and also tight.

Currently in my dreaded life, I'm about 3 and a half years in on my first (and quite possibly only) set of dreadlocks, and I obtain nopoint but compliments and people wanting to take images via me, and so on I keep a pretty "clean" look, not just bereason I prefer that look, but bereason it permits me to save office work too (once I put myself in a suit, there's such an incredible amount of respect offered from world that would typically never also think twice about it...points like, world holding doors open for you also though I'm 20 feet further amethod than one can commonly also take into consideration that).

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Well, that was much longer than I intfinished...you probably just require the initially paragraph, however hopefully all that helps. Maybe, once I find/take one, I'll post a existing photo of my hair, and also probably a couple of stages in between shaved and currently.