Throughout your continue to be in New Orleans, LA, consider taking a road pilgrimage to the fun-filled beach tvery own of Biloxi, MS. After jam-packed days in NoLa, you’ll require a relaxing day on the beach soaking up the sun’s rays. Keep analysis to learn exactly how to make the many out of your drive from New Orleans to Biloxi

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Head from New Orleans to Biloxi

Taking a road pilgrimage from NoLa to Biloxi is a wonderful concept. The drive just takes about an hour and a fifty percent, which is perfect for a weekend getameans. Plus, the course is easy and also easy to follow. First, obtain on I-10 East and also follow it to Division Street in Biloxi. Take Exit 1C from I-110. Then, take Caillavet Street and also Esters Boulevard to Howard Avenue. Before you recognize it, you’ve arrived in Biloxi, MS! 

Make a Couple of Pit Stops

If you’re not in a rush and also deserve to afford to take a leisurely road pilgrimage, we can recommend a pair of locations that are worth protecting against by. 

Bay St. Louis

Just over an hour external of New Orleans, you uncover the unique tvery own of Bay St. Louis, MS. Located on the Gulf Coast, Bay St. Louis has actually all sorts of awesome points to perform and also check out. 

Waveland’s Ground Zero Hurricane Museum: The inwell known organic disaster that hit the Gulf Coast, Hurricane Katrina, is frequently dubbed the worst herbal disaster in UNITED STATE background. This museum showcases the history of Hurricane Katrina and pays tribute to the resilience of the seaside communities and its residents.


Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company: Pay a visit to Mississippi’s earliest packaging brewery, and the initially one considering that prohibition was enacted in 1907, Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company kind of. Visit the taproom and also attempt a delicious ice-cold beer, such as their Southern Pehave the right to Nut Brown Ale. 

Old Town Bay St. Louis: This location of the town boasts some of the best shopping approximately. In addition to garments and shoe stores, you’ll discover pottery, jewelry, paintings, and a vast selection of house decor for indoors or outdoors. 

Long Beach

Long Beach, MS, is an hour and also 15 minutes from New Orleans. If you’ve already quit by Bay St. Louis and also that’s where you’re embarking from, it’s only a 20-minute drive. 

Friendship Oak: This mesmerizing tree, Friendship Oak, is a 500-year-old southerly live oak that sits on the campus of the College of Southern Mississippi. The tree made it through Hurricane Katrina and also has actually been loved by students, inhabitants, and tourists, for years and also years. Many kind of wedding ceremonies have even been held here! 

Darwell’s Cafe: This laidearlier BYOB eatery serves up Amerideserve to fare and also attributes live music. Darwell’s Cafe is so remarkable, that it was featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and was provided as one of the Top 10 Restaurants in 2016 by Forbes Magazine. 

Stay in a Waterfront Condo in Biloxi


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