The phrase “beautiful people” had actually been offered prior to the 1960s.

For example, in Osauto Wilde’s play An Ideal Husband, a social comedy first percreated in 1895, among the characters claims at a gathering of high culture partygoers: “I choose looking at genioffers, and listening to beautiful people.”

And, in 1941, William Saroyan titled among his plays The Beautiful People.

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But it wasn’t till the 1960s that “beautiful people” came to be an expression that had a mainly known social definition. In truth, tbelow were 2 various Sixties terms about “beautiful human being.”

One variation was the beautiful civilization,” a name used to glamorous celebrities, rich “jet setters” and also other fashion trendsetters.

That variation is generally attributed to Diana Vreeland, the influential editor of Vogue magazine. Vogue started utilizing the term “the beautiful people” in 1962 in posts around celebrities, at Vreeland’s suggestion, and also it easily recorded on.

Another version, without the word the, was popularized in the mid-1960s by the young people generally well-known as “the Hippies.” In Hippie parlance, “beautiful people” were world that were cool and spiritually “enlightened.” (As in: “They’re really beautiful human being, man.”)

Being among those “beautiful people” didn’t require riches or fame. You might end up being one by taking a psychedelic drug favor LSD, or by getting your enlightenment from some hip develop of religious beliefs, such as transcendental meditation.


In 1967, the Beatles made a sly referral to the Hippie version of the term and subtly mocked the Vogue-style “beautiful people” in their song “Baby You’re a Rich Man.” It starts with the famed line:

      “How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?”

As noted by many kind of websites and also publications about the Beatles, “Baby You’re a Rich Man” was actually made from 2 songs originally composed individually by John Lennon and his fellow Beatle Paul McCartney.

The opening verses were from a song Lennon created and initially called “One of the Beautiful People.” Around the very same time, McCartney wrote a song that recurring the words “Baby you’re a rich man” in the chorus.

At some allude, Lennon and McCartney determined to integrate their 2 songs into one, something they had done prior to in other well known Beatle songs, such as “A Day in the Life.”

Lennon and also McCartney tape-recorded their combo complace with the various other 2 Beatles, George Harrison and also Ringo Starr, on May 11, 1967. John sang lead and also played the clavioline, an early digital instrument that provided the song a distinctive aural character.

The finiburned song was released via the title “Baby You’re A Rich Man” on July 7, 1967, on the B-side of the 45rpm document that featured “All You Need Is Love” on the A-side.

But it wasn’t until August 12, 1967 that “Baby You’re A Rich Man” gone into Billboard"s Hot 100 chart. Unfavor “All You Need Is Love,” which zoomed to #1 on August 19, 1967, “Baby You’re A Rich Man” was not a substantial hit in itself. It peaked at #34.

Both songs were contained on the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour album, which was released that November. Magical Mystery Tour hit #1 on Billboard’s Top LPs chart on January 6, 1968 and also remained the number one offering album in the US for eight weeks.

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In the years since then, John Lennon’s in-joke question “How does it feel to be among the beautiful people?” has become a well known quote cited by many kind of books and also websites.

And, the majority of old Beatles fans (choose me), and also any type of younger Beatles fans worth their salt, are acquainted via the remainder of the lyrics to “Baby You’re A Rich Man.”