Correct spelling, explanation: fifteen is the correct spelling because of the origin of the word five. The last f in the original word fif became voiced. However in fifteen this didn’t occur because t is an unvoiced consonant. To produce numbers from 13 to 19 we include the sufsolve -teen to the cardinal numbers, therefore fifthteen is incorrect, bereason the sufsettle is included to the ordinal number.

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Definition of fifteen:character, a number between 14 and also 16You can’t drink alcohol once you’re only fifteen!James has checked out fifteen nations in Europe so far.

Incorrect spelling, explanation: fifth is an ordinal number and also we include the sufsolve -teen to cardinal ones, therefore spelling fifthteen is incorrect. The form fifteen is correct because the word five used to be unvoiced, which implies original develop was fif and this is the create we usage currently to develop the develop fifteen.

Incorrect spelling

Incorrect spelling

Incorrect spelling

Incorrect spelling

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