Knowing how to ask “which one” in is an essential skill for learners when making selections or picking in between two or even more choices.

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To ask, “which one” in, you say ¿cuál? or ¿cuál es?

In fact, ¿cuál es…? is the go-to question for asking around anything wright here multiple answers are feasible.

Keep reading to learn how to usage cuál as a question word—and also just how to answer accordingly.

We’ll discover the meaning of cual, how it’s a loved one pronoun, and multiple means to say “which one” in through plenty of instance sentences and conversations.

All About Cuál

Cual is a pronoun that equates to “which,” and also “what,” in English.

When cuál has an accent it functions as an interrogative pronoun in questions to suppose “what” or “which.” The plural of cuál is cuáles. The accented form of the word occurs just in exclamations and questions.

¿Cuál es mi aula?Which one is my classroom?

Te indicaré cuál es tu aula.I will show you which classroom is yours.

Pro Tip: Cuál cannot be adhered to by a noun. It is incorrect to say ¿cuál libro tienes? or ¿cuáles países has actually visitado? The correct word to use here is qué.


Cual is a Relative Pronoun

Like que, cual is a loved one pronoun.

A relative pronoun is a word that describes a noun (the antecedent). In English, loved one pronouns encompass “that,” “which,” “who(m)” and “whose.” In, they are que, quien, cual, and cuyo, among others.

Learn even more about how to usage family member pronouns.

Common Responses

The the majority of widespread reply to the question of “which one” in is a demonstrative adjective.

Depfinishing on the gender (masculine el vs feminine la) and amount (singular or plural) of the noun being referenced, you choose among the following:

Esa – that oneEsas – thoseEso – that oneEsos – thoseEstá – this oneEstas – theseEsto – this oneEstos – these Not that one!

To reply, “not that one,” the expression is ése no.

How to Say ‘Which One’ in

1. Comparable to English

Many provides of cuál are obtainable that parallel the means we say “which one” in English.

¿Cuál primero?Which one is first?

¿Cuál siguiente?Which one is next?

¿Cuál es mejor?Which one is better?

¿Cuál es lo mejor?Which one is the best?

¿Cuál es el último?Which one is last?

¿Cuál es peor?Which one is worse?

¿Cuál es lo peor?Which one is the worst?

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2. Ask for a Choice from Others

In addition, we usage cuál to imply or ask for a selection from a person or team. For example:

¿Cuál miras?Which one are you looking at?

¿Cuál prefiere usted?Which one perform you prefer?

¿Cuáles quieren?Which ones execute you all want?

¿Cuáles son tus cuadernos?Which ones are your notebooks?

¿Cuáles kid tuyas?Which ones are yours?

3. Cuál es / Cuáles son

We additionally use cuál before es and also various other develops of the verb ser (“to be”). In this situation, it equates to “what” in English as opposed to “which one.” For example:

¿Cuál es tu nombre?What is your name?

¿Cuál es tu problema?What is your problem?

¿Cuál es tu color favorito?What is your favourite color?

¿Cuáles boy tus recuerdos favoritos del viaje?What are your favourite memories of the trip?

‘Which One’ in Example Conversations

Here are a number of scenarios to illustrate how these words and also phrases sound in real-life conversations.

Conversación 1

Aquí hay dos pastillas. ¿Cuál quieres? ¿La roja o la azul?Here are 2 pills. Which one carry out you want? The red one or the blue one?

Ése no. (Indicanperform la pastilla roja)Not that one. (Indicating the red pill)

Quiero esta por favor. (Indicanexecute la pastilla azul)I want that one, please. (Indicating the blue pill)

Conversación 2

Que increíble el concierto! De todas las canciones que oíste esta noche, ¿cuáles te gustaron más?What an impressive concert! Of all the songs you heard tonight, which ones did you prefer the best?

¡Me encantaron todas!I loved them all!

Conversación 3

¿Me prestas un diccionario?Can you lend me a dictionary?

Sí, claro. Tengo estos dos, ¿cuál prefieres?Yes, of course. I have these two, which one perform you prefer?

Esa. Gracias.That one. Thanks.

Conversación 4

¿Cuál vestiperform vas a ponerte para la reunión, el verde o el rosado?What dress are you going to wear to the meeting, the green one or the pink one?

El rosaperform porque es más cómocarry out.The pink one bereason it’s more comfortable.

Conversación 5

¿Cuál de tus amigos es el más alto?Which (one) of your friends is the tallest?

Pedro. Es un buen jugador de basquetbol por eso.Pedro. That’s why he’s an excellent basketsphere player.

Conversación 6

¿Cuál de estas pinturas prefieres?Which of these paints execute you prefer?

¡Ninguna! Son tan feas.None of them! They’re so ugly.

If you suppose the question to have more than one answer, usage cuáles as follows:

¿Cuáles de tus amigas saben español?Which of your friends recognize

Esas en la foto. Fuimos juntas a estudiar en Chile.Those in the photo. We went together to research in Chile.

Conversación 7

¿Cuáles de tus primos tienen hijos?Which of your cousins have actually children?

Todos sino Romero.All of them except Romero.

Conversación 8

Tengo estos tres libros. ¿Cuál quieres?I have these three publications. Which (one) execute you want?

Pueexecute llevar estos dos?Can I take these two?

Conversación 9

Hay dos películas en Netflix que quiero ver. ¿Cuál prefieres?There are 2 movies on Netflix that I desire to watch. Which (one) would certainly you prefer?

Ese no. Ya he visto y no es tan bueno.Not that one. I have actually currently watched it, and it’s not very great.

Veamos la otra entonces.Let’s watch the various other one then.

Conversación 10

No sé si quiero hacer sopa de papa o sopa de pescaexecute para el almuerzo. ¿Cuál te apetece?I don’t understand if I desire to make potato soup or fish soup for lunch. Which (one) do you feel like?

Sopa de papa con queso, por favor.Potato soup through cheese, please.

Conversación 11

Nos quedan cuatro tipos de pastelitos. ¿Cuáles no has actually probado?We have four kinds of cupcakes left. Which (ones) haven’t you tried?

Esa. El cocoa.That one. The cocoa one.

Cuál vs Quién

Remember that quite than cuál or cuáles, we use quién or quiénes to refer to people in

Que lindas como las niñas juegan en el jardín.How nicely the girls are playing in the garden.

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¿Quiénes child tus hijas?Which ones are your daughters?

Practice Asking ‘Which One’ in

Now that you’ve learned all about exactly how to ask “which one” in, are you ready to take the next step? Try a totally free trial course via one of our certified teachers from Guatemala to exercise asking and answering cuál questions—plus learn even more advantageous grammar guidelines and also vocabulary—while having a real-life conversation through a indigenous speaker.