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Les achats et courses

Once you learn the French names for shops and businesses – and the prestige of saying bonjour – you just should know what to say when challenged through all that merchandise! Here are some useful phrases regarded shopping in French. Click the links for verb conjugations or sound documents.

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Useful French shopping verbs

acheterto buy
avoirto have
chercherto look for
dépenserto spend
essayerto attempt on
rendreto return (an item)
trouverto find
vendreto sell
vouloirto want

Let’s go shopping!

For necessities
faire les / des coursesto go food shopping, run errands
For fun
faire les / des achatsto go shopping
faire les magasins " "
faire du shopping " "
For free
faire du lèche-vitrinesto home window shop

What the clerk can say …

Je peux vous aider ?May I assist you?
Qu’est-ce que vous cherchez ?What are you looking for?
Je vous écoute.(Go ahead) I’m listening.
J’arriveI’ll be right there/back
Quelle pointure faites-vous ?What’s your shoe size?
Quelle taille faites-vous?What’s your (clothing) size?
C’est pour offrir ?Is it a gift?

What you could respond …

Je voudrais …J’aimerais …I would like…
Combien coûte … ?How a lot does … cost?
Avez-vous …?Do you have …?
C’est … trop grand trop petit parfaitIt’s … as well massive too tiny perfect
Je regarde seulement, merci.

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I’m simply looking, thanks.

Miscellanous French shopping terms

bon marchéinexpensive (click for leskid and also synonyms)
un caddieshopping cart (upappropriate, pulled)
un chariotshopping cart (pushed)
un échantillonsample, tester
un sacbag
les soldestwice-annual sales (learn more)

À la caisse – At the register

payeren espèces, en liquideto paycash
avec une cartewith a crmodify card
avec des chèques de voyagewith traveler’s checks
la monnaiechange (back from what you paid)
le reçureceipt

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