Tomorrowis Internationwide Day of Peasant Struggle, a day commemorating the massacre of 19 landmuch less farmers in Brazil that were demanding land and justice in 1996. Every year on this date, civilization roughly the people unite with actions that support the rights of "peasants" and also smallholder farmers.

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The event"s creation owes a lot to La Via Campesina, an company that periodically coordinates with in Latin America, and the day is referred to as Dia Internacional de la Lucha Campesina in Spanish.

In"s Latin America tasks, just about eexceptionally among our project participants would certainly recognize themselves as a campesino or campesina. It’s a hugely vital word in relation to our job-related in the Americas, however significant interpretation is lost when it is analyzed from Spanish to English.

What does campesino suppose in English?

The most literal (and commonly used) translation is "peasant," however that"s not really a word we use a lot in English anyeven more, unmuch less it"s discovered in a history book. "Smallholder farmer" or “family members farmer” aren’t bad translations, however they miss out on some of the word"s richness in Spanish.

Maria Chavez poses in the doorway of her green residence through a basket of tomatoes in Guatemala. Picture by Phillip Davis.

La Via Campesina defines itself as "the global peasant movement" (plainly translating campesino as peasant) that brings together (and here"s their extended, de facto campesino definition) "countless peasants, small- and medium-dimension farmers, landless people, womales farmers, indigenous people, migrants and also farming workers from around the people."

That"s a mouthful for just one word in Spanish. Sara Koopman, an assistant professor in peace and conflict researches at Kent State University, writes a wonderful blog referred to as Spanish for Social Change that concentrates on social justice terminology for translators and interpreters. She has actually several posts on the term campesino and also eventually recommends importing the word to English, and ensuring it"s interpreted that all these groups are had as soon as campesino is offered.

Campesino is an encompassing term, consisting of small- and medium-dimension farmers, landmuch less people, womales farmers, aboriginal human being, migrants and agricultural employees from roughly the people.

Campo indicates field, or rural location, and ino derives from Latin as ‘ownership’ or ‘relationship to’,” sassist Osauto Castañeda, senior vice president of’s Americas Programs. “So once you’re talking about a campesino, it’s somebody that cultivates and also has actually a belonging to the land.”

More especially, campesinos are rural producers that work small plots, through the family members constituting the majority of or every one of the labor, and also regularly execute not very own land. The food they harvest is traditionally for their very own usage and sale to the sector, with both activities maintaining the life of the family as opposed to accumulating resources.

Campesinos are rural producers who job-related small plots, with the family constituting most or all of the labor, and also frequently perform not own land also.

Anvarious other crucial facet, Castañeda said, is the visibility of specific worths and cultural aspects of rural areas, such as nurturing a relationship via the land also, through the neighborhood and also with fellow campesinos. “Campesino is not only an economic occupation,” he sassist. “It’s a style and also a form of life. And that is what we would certainly favor to elevate in the conversation.”

Unfortunately, campesinos frequently suffer from marginalization, exploitation via sale prices that execute not represent all of the job-related invested or, as mentioned over, restricted (or no) accessibility to land also., project partners and project participants are functioning together to get over these obstacles while relocating forward on the route to finish hunger and also poverty.

(left to right) Carlos Rodriguez, Eleazar Rodriquez Luis and also their father, Ciro Rodriguez, sit on a pile of agave piñas with their devices in Mexico. Photo by Phillip Davis.

"Small-range farmers have actually been puburned aside in many type of areas bereason human being do not view their contributions to a globalized world," sassist Adriana Garcia-DeVun, director of the Americas Program at

What connotations does the word campesino have?

Regardless of the marginalization they endure, tbelow is many pride behind the word campesino, Garcia-DeVun included.

"Being a campesino/a is beginning to be viewed as an honorable profession," she sassist. " the exact same pride you gain by saying you"re a medical professional, police officer or school teacher, someone contributes to the well-being of society. The use of a straightforward word, campesino, them a component of a movement feeding the world, not simply a peasant trying to make it day to day.”

"Being a campesino/a is beginning to be seen as an honorable profession. the same pride you acquire by saying you"re a physician, police officer or school teacher, someone contributes to the well-being of culture." – Adriana Garcia-DeVun

In the past, said Castañeda, terms offered to refer to rural area workers – terms choose serfs, tenants or slaves – have actually characterized the occupation as pejorative and retributive. “But campesino is a term through the possibility of reclaiming it as somebody is crucial and also instrumental for food defense and also for food sovereignty,” he said. Excising the word’s negative connotations is crucial, Castañeda contends, which comes back to “recognizing that, at its heart, it’s just a state of life.”

Garcia-DeVun agrees. "The job-related of organizations favor and La Via Campesina assist civilization reacquire or better build their sense of pride in cultivating the earth for the benefit of their children and periodically their neighborhood," she shelp.

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This year’s Dia Internacional de la Lucha Campesina celebprices 25 years of working towards food sovereignty – accessibility to healthy and also culturally proper food developed through sustainable techniques. For even more indevelopment on today"s occasion, visit La Via Campesina.