Today we’ll check out exactly how we have the right to deal with world in Gerguy, both individual world and also groups of people. In English you use salutation words prefer Mr. as soon as you attend to a male, Mrs. as soon as you attend to a married woman, Miss if you resolve an unmarried woguy and Ms. if you resolve a woguy without indicating her marital status?

Salutation Words Used to Address Individual People

Do we usage these salutation words in German? Sure, we perform. Tright here are three words provided for this purpose: Herr, Frau and Fräulein. They can be offered before the name of the person, just prefer in English.

Herr is the German equivalent of Mr.


Some examples:

Herr Weber Mr. Weber
Frau Weber Mrs. Weber
Fräulein / Frau Weber Miss Weber

The German equivalent of sir is Herr. It’s oftenpredelivered by the possessive adjective mein.Here are some examples of how it’s used:

(mein) Herr! sir!
Der Herr wünscht? What have the right to I execute for you, sir?

Words Herris used prior to a title when you address a man:

Guten Tag, Herr Doktor! Hello, doctor!
Gute Reise, Herr Professor! Have a nice pilgrimage, professor!
Danke, Herr Präsident! Thank you, Mr. President

You usage this create likewise in a formal letter:

Sehr geehrter Herr Schmidt… Dear Mr.

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The Gerguy equivalent of madam / lady is Frau. It’soften preyielded by the possessive adjective meine.Words Frau is additionally provided before atitle when you address a woman:

liebe Frau! my dear lady!
Guten Tag, Frau Doktor! Hello, doctor!

Addressing Groups of People

When you officially resolve a team of human being you arenot on initially name terms via, you may usage the plural form Daguys und Herren:

meine Damales und Herren ladies and gentleguys

If you deal with just guys in a formal letter, you usethe plural develop Herren: