I"m trying to write in Spanish (utilizing the vocabulary provided in México) that "I assumed I put my secrets on the kitchen counter, but now I can not uncover them." I came up with this: "Pensé que coloqué mis llaves en __________, pero ya no pueexecute encontrarlas."

I do not think "mostrador" or "encimera" are correct. Aid, please! ?

This has actually really puzzled me, also. Apparently this varies significantly by area, also within Mexico. As most others have discussed, it seems choose "la cubierta" is maybe the a lot of widespread in Mexico. My friend and also Spanish teacher from Guadalajara has actually told me that tright here are multiple terms relying on what component of the respond to you happen to be talking about. She said "la cubierta" would certainly be correct for the part of the respond to supplied as workspace, however the component along the wall wright here you may commonly save points would certainly be dubbed "el pretil". (When I looked up "pretil" in the Spanish-English dictionary, however, it just shelp "parapet"). "La barra (de cocina)" seems to be another one mostly embraced in Mexican Spanish.

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"La encimera", by comparison, appears to be primarily Spanish-Spanish. There are also some much less prevalent variations prefer "el mostrador", which in Mexican Spanish seems (according to the Mexicans I"ve spoken to) to be more scheduled for the counterheight in a shop (it"s usage as variant for kitchen counterpeak appears even more widespread in various other parts of Latin America). There"s additionally "la mesada", which appears to be even more of a South Amerideserve to point.

To make this a tiny more confutilizing, an acquaintance that is from San Luis Potosí has never before heard "la cubierta" used in this conmessage. She proponents "la barra" if you happen to have stools prefer I do, and also secs "el pretil" as correct if you"re talking around counter area alengthy a wall surface, especially where you may have storage or respond to appliances. Seems choose she thinks that if your instance does not fit any of those, "la cubierta" is possibly the next finest different for Mexican Spanish.

On a connected note, as best as I have the right to tell, if the respond to is completely detached from a wall the direct literal translation "la isla" (the island) is primarily construed.

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To summarize, here"s what I think I"m going to go through (until someone else can straighten me out):

many mostly, use "la cubierta" (and also reserve "encimera" for once I"m in Spain)usage "la barra (de cocina)" as the next best choice, and favor this one if I"m referring to a respond to where tright here is seatinguse "el pretil" if it"s a counter along a wall via restricted workarea supplied even more for maintaining junkuse "la isla" if I"m talking about what we in English would additionally speak to an "island"

I might be completely wrong below, so pardon me if any of this isn"t correct. But this question has actually thrust me nuts as this is a word I need to usage commonly and also it"s constantly been unclear, so I wanted to share what I think I"ve found out from all the study of done. Any comments/clarifications are welcome.