Icing describes a creamy, sugary topping provided on cakes, cupcakes, to fill twinkies, and so on. It"s frequently made from butter or shortening and sugar, and also often food coloring.

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What is a word in nlinux.org to convey the very same thing, which will be as commonly interpreted as possible?

When I switch from the English page for icing to nlinux.org, I acquire glaseado (glased), which isn"t exactly what I"m looking for.

Other words that concerned mind are merengues and turrón, yet neither one seems to be quite on target, either.

Some examples of icing:



selección-de-palabras comida español-neutral
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I"m afraid the tbelow is no single term to convey icing. Actually if it is filling something (choose twinkies) is called relleno. Merengue and turrón won"t use right here.

If you do not desire to go with glaseaperform, which appears to be the ideal option, you might make carry out through "baño" or "cobertura" de cocoa, vainilla, and so on

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answered Jun 23 "15 at 23:48

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In Chile we say simply crema for any kind of creamy coverage or filler.

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answered Jun 24 "15 at 1:01

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