Saying ‘give thanks to you’ in French is easy: one word: “merci” (mair see). But it’s not the only method. What about saying “you’re welcome?” or expressing your gratitude in French + audio recording.

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So let’s dig right into the various methods of saying Thank you in French!

This write-up features audio recordings. Click the blue message alongside the headphone to hear me say that word or sentence in French.

Note that as soon as applicable, I used a modern-day spoken French pronunciation.

Thank You in French

The the majority of widespread word to say ‘say thanks to you’ or simply ‘thanks’ in French is “merci“.

It’s pronounced prefer “mair see” (watch out, no “mur” sound!!). The “you” component is had, so watch out, we don’t say “merci tu” prefer I periodically hear students say.

Nuancing “Merci”

You might nuance saying give thanks to you in French it this way:

Watch out for “merci bien“. You’ll hear it in France, however it might be frvery own upon in top social classes. So I indicate your stick via “merci beaucoup“.

Similar to saying hello in French, it’s constantly more polite to follow your give thanks to you via “Monsieur, Madame or Mademoiselle” or the name of the perkid.

Madame or Mademoiselle ? If the distinction is no much longer supplied in bureaucratic develops and also letters, they both still are very much provided as soon as speaking.


How To Say “You are Welcome” in French

To answer ‘thank you’ in French, we’d use:

Note that although exceptionally exceptionally widespread “de rien” (it’s nothing) is not taken into consideration proper by some French human being and will certainly be frown upon in upper social classes.

You’ll also hear “il n’y a pas de quoi”. I would quite analyze the intention into “don’t cite it”. You’d just say this as soon as you really suppose it was nothing at all.

Watch out! “Bienvenu” means you are welcome as in “welcome to my house” “bienvenu chez moi”, or “je vous souhaite la bienvenue” – I wishyou welcome… However before it’s never before provided as a solution to thank you in France.

Thank you Notes are not Typical in France

It’s not exceptionally commonin France to compose “une carte de remerciement”. I expect, it’s incredibly polite, but it’s not favor in the US or England also where thank you cards are a large market.

Feel cost-free to send out a give thanks to you note – it’s in no means a “faux pas”, simply don’t suppose your French friends to reciprocate. Here is even more around creating letters in French.

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No Thanks in French

If you say “merci” with a smile, it indicates that you accept whatever before is being available to you. If you wanted to reinpressure that you accept, you could say: “oui. Merci.“

However before, you can say “non merci”, and also shake your head “no”. Or also just say “merci” with a hand also gesture, mirroring your palm to the perchild in front of you in a type of soptimal gesture: this would expect you refusage. You may favor my article on exactly how to accept and refuse in French politely.