Farming up my Grandfather would ask my Mother to cook some black eyed peas for good luck in the New Year. I"m having actually trouble remembering the word that he would use. What could it be?



As you deserve to watch in wikipedia 1, I think that the ideal translation is "aluprejudice carilla". In this attach you have actually more indevelopment aluprejudice recipe


It will certainly relies on what region you were living, bereason for the widespread food (prefer the peas), eextremely area deserve to have his very own name.

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Normally you can translate "Peas" as "Guisantes". But, there are even more equivalent legumes that might be "Peas". It"s the same through the word "Nuts" that deserve to refer to: Almendras, Nueces, Avellanas, and so on..

As I don"t understand any "Black Guisante" (they are greens), I can intend that the word was: "Habichuelas"



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