I've always been perplexed through exactly how to analyze different berry names. The only easy one is strawberry as fresa.

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However, many are very obscure, such as mulberry, elderberry, and huckleberry. Tright here are many kind of more. Where could I uncover trusted translations for the different kinds of berries?


one thing i favor to carry out via unusual words is to look up the English-language Wikipedia article and then go click on the español link on the left side. then you deserve to discover the equivalent pretty conveniently.

The difficulty through that is that many times you end up through either just the scientific name of the fruit or through blended outcomes. So for instance "bilberry" is interpreted as arándano, and also huckleberry also. By the means, there is no Spanish Wikipedia page for bilberry or huckleberry. Also, both mulberry and blackberry are analyzed as mora.They're so uncommon in the Spanish human being that many kind of times they have no clear equivalents.

It more than likely counts on language and also which berries are generally consumed or not in a specific location. My frifinish from Guerrero, Mexico calls both blackberries and also raspberries moras. One time I was eating raspberries in front of him and also he had never checked out them before even though they are grown in Mexico. He sassist he didn't understand what they were dubbed in Spanish and so he still called them moras. I wonder if raspberries are not typically sold in Mexico. They're so expensive in the U.S.

Adding to what tortuganija already shelp, have you tried a dictionary?

Reverso actually does a decent job with the fruits you mentioned:

Also, consider many kind of fruits have actually different regional names. As for strawberry, fresa is offered in some nations but frutillia in others; fresón is supposedly an additional name. This is the primary factor why Spanish Wikipedia constantly provides the binomial names for species as the titles quite than what might be reputed the majority of widespread (vulgar) names.

I'm a indigenous as well, that's why I'm asking hahaha it's frustrating to see a word I don't have a translation for.

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