Tbelow are so many type of different ways to prepare chorizo, however if you’re not nlinux.orgpletely acquainted via this tasty Spanish sausage, it deserve to be rather confmaking use of. How must chorizo be eaten? Are tright here different kinds? Do you have to prepare chorizo?

The brief and sweet answer? It relies. Tbelow are actually different kinds of chorizo, and also whether it needs to be cooked or not counts on what type it is. Read on as we cover every little thing tbelow is to understand about chorizo and the various means it have the right to be prepared!

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What is chorizo?

Chorizo is a pork saintake that originated in Spain. It has actually a bideal, reddish hue and a fragrant, spicy aroma that originates from pimentón or Spanish paprika. It’s generally encased in natural casings made from intestines, but artificial casings will job-related simply too.

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What is chorizo made of?

Chopped or ground pork is the main ingredient of chorizo, which is seasoned via garlic, salt, and also Spanish paprika or pimenton. While it’s generally spicy, the form of pimenton offered can actually lead to either a spicy (picante) chorizo, or even sweet (dulce) chorizo!

How long does chorizo last?

Typically, chorizo will last for around a week or 2 if retained in the refrigerator. But can you freeze it to extend its shelf life? You bet you can! Frozen chorizo will still retain its high quality for up to ten months! Beyond that, it’s still safe to eat however it won’t taste its ideal.

Wbelow to buy chorizo

Chorizo brands like Hans and also Continental deserve to be discovered in any type of Coles and Woolworths! You can additionally uncover chorizo in smaller sized specialty shops, particularly those that specialise in meats.

When buying chorizo in the supermarket, it could not constantly indicate whether it’s Spanish or Mexideserve to, or if it’s fresh or cured. Here’s among the the majority of helpful tips: look at where it’s being stored! If it’s retained in the cheese or deli area, it’s probably Spanish and also have the right to be eaten raw! But if it’s retained in the meat freezers, it need to be cooked like a Mexideserve to chorizo.

How to cook chorizo

Fresh chorizo is frequently grstraightforward, so there’s no have to add oil as soon as cooking it. A little bit water have the right to be added so that it won’t stick to the pan. Remember to cut amethod the casing! It’s pretty much ground pork, so as soon as it starts to brown, you understand it’s cooking! Stir constantly so that it doesn’t burn, and drainpipe the fat after.

We’ve mentioned two famous kinds of chorizo, Spanish and Mexican, and currently, let’s take a closer look at some of the finest dishes that you can make out of them!

Breakrapid tacos

While chorizo isn’t exactly healthy, it is certainly filling! Mexican chorizo, sauteed via its casing rerelocated, will certainly make a flavourful topping for breakquick while pairing well with potatoes and eggs!



A popular way to eat chorizo in Mexico is to use it as a pizza topping! You have the right to host back on the warm sauce below, considering that chorizo currently has actually a spicy kick!


For a warmth and filling meal, consider whipping up some chorizo soup! Chopped chorizo coupled with fresh vegetables will certainly make a well-off spicy soup! If you’re making use of fresh chorizo, it’s an excellent idea to saute them independently first to mitigate the grease.


You have the right to usage either Spanish or Mexideserve to chorizo for this, relying on what sort of flavour you want! Even though Spanish chorizo deserve to be eaten without being cooked, food preparation it can provide it a entirety different flavour! And if you’re feeling intricate you have the right to even pre-roast some chorizo in the oven for that burnt earthy nlinux.orgplete.

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Pasta sauce

Instead of meatballs, you deserve to chop up some Spanish chorizo and also throw them right into your favourite pasta sauce! You deserve to carry out this at the very end – prepare your sauce as usual, then add the chorizo simply before you serve it.