This The Division guide will define exactly how to earn Phoenix Credits in The Division, and also wbelow this distinct money is provided. Phoenix Credits are booked for players that have actually invested time leveling up their personalities and have got to max rank.

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Tbelow are numerous different forms of money in The Division. The major money is Credits, which are supplied for purchasing weapons, equipment, mods, and various other items from merchants throughout Manhattan. When a player reaches max rank via a character, a distinct currency referred to as Phoenix Credits will certainly end up being easily accessible.

Phoenix Credits and also end-game tasks end up being accessible upon reaching max rank.

Phoenix Credits are an end-game money that have the right to only be obtained upon achieving Rank 30. Certain vendors in and out of the Dark Zone call for Phoenix Credits to purchase tools, gear, secrets, and also various other high-finish items from their stock.

How to Earn Phoenix Credits in The Division

The approaches for earning Phoenix Credits are reasonably straightforward. Upon achieving max rank, Daily Missions end up being obtainable as a part of the end-game activities. Daily objectives involve replaying previous story missions to earn Phoenix Credits.

There are three new Daily Missions accessible each day. These missions are indicated by a white circle on the map, and also will certainly have ‘Daily’ written alongside the difficulty level when hovering over the mission.


It’s worth noting that the Phoenix Credits earned from Daily Missions are shared between personalities. Plus, a player who has multiple personalities have the right to repeat the Daily Missions through each individual character. Utilizing multiple max rank personalities increases the potential amount of Phoenix Credits a player deserve to earn on a daily basis.

Certain Daily Missions will certainly also have a Challenging challenge rating. Completing Daily Missions on this greater challenge rating rewards players with added Phoenix Credits, along with the Phoenix Credits that would typically be earned for completing the Daily itself.

For example, a Challenging Daily Mission can give a total of 50 Phoenix Credits, while a typical Daily Mission on Hard will provide just 20 Phoenix Credits. If you require aid completing the story goals and achieving max rank, inspect out our The Division Walkwith and also Guide for walkthroughs of each story mission.


Also, there is a slight chance for Phoenix Credits to drop from named bosses both inside and exterior of the Dark Zone. While this is a rather less trustworthy method to earn Phoenix Credits, it supplies yet another inspiration to complete Challenging goals or try your luck in the Dark Zone. The even more Phoenix Credits you accumulate in the field, the even more you deserve to purchase from end game merchants.

Where to Use Phoenix Credits

Upon reaching max rank, a Special Gear Vendor will certainly end up being accessible in the Tech Wing of your Base of Operations. The Special Gear Vendor is situated simply alongside the Recalibration Station, to the left of the Tech Wing lappeak.

Items from this special gear merchant have the right to only be purchased utilizing Phoenix Credits. As you finish Daily Missions, be sure to examine ago through this merchant to watch what High-finish tools, equipment, blueprints, or mods they have in stock. Note that this merchant is various from the Advanced Weapons Vendor uncovered in the Security Wing.

While Dark Zone merchants commonly use Dark Zone credits as their money, tright here are some Dark Zone sellers who need Phoenix Credits too. There is one Dark Zone Special Vendor at the northernthe majority of section of the Dark Zone who just accepts Phoenix Credits, unfavor the other DZ vendors. Look for a big church in DZ06 at the north finish of the Dark Zone to peruse this distinct vendor’s selection of goods.


Keep in mind each Dark Zone vendor needs you to have a details Dark Zone rank prior to you deserve to purchase items from any type of of these merchants. Check out our guide on exactly how to endure the Dark Zone in The Division so that you ca rise your DZ rank and also start purchasing from these special sellers.

If you are interested in even more tips for The Division, feel cost-free to browse’s The Division Walkthrough and also Guide for intel locations, story mission walkthroughs, and also various other useful attributes.

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